Airline meals may be bland, but mile-high dining doesn’t have to be. Unlike the flavorless potatoes and chewy chicken entrees of scheduled airline travel, taste delicious meals that amuse your palate with quality ingredients and thoughtful presentation when you order private jet catering.

What makes catering on private aircraft stand out from the bland cuisine that has fuelled nothing more than jokes at an open-mic comedy night? It comes down to the level of care and attention of your jet charter broker. 

Here are the answers to fliers’ frequently asked questions about private jet catering.

Q: Do you get food on a private jet?

A: Yes! All private jets include refreshments and an assortment of chips, nuts, cookies, bottled waters and sodas.  If your appetite calls for a meal, you can request private jet catering. Stratos has a menu where you can order and look forward to a delicious meal to enjoy when you board your aircraft. 

Depending on your aircraft, your meal will be reheated inflight. If your jet doesn’t have a space to heat your order, it will arrive preheated. For warm dishes, we recommend choosing delicious pasta dishes, mouthwatering stews or pizza. Just remember that altitude affects your tastebuds and can dull some sweet and salty flavors.

Q: How does in-flight catering work?

A: When you charter a private jet with Stratos, let our Trip Support Team know that you’d like catering on your flight. We love fulfilling special meal requests for each traveler on board.

No matter where you’re flying, our caterers have a proven track record of creating delicious meals with locally-sourced ingredients. That means that, while your menu may differ between your departure from Hong Kong and your flight from Houston, you can trust expect a tasty meal no matter where you fly. 

Q: Can you cook on a private jet?

A: It depends on the type of aircraft you charter.

A small turboprop plane or light jet is designed to be economical on short flights with little extra space. Typically, these aircraft don’t have a stove or microwave to reheat food, so your best option is to order small desserts, pastries or charcuterie boards. If you’re flying during lunch and need a proper meal, just let us know and we will be sure to have a warm meal ready for when you board.

Soaring across the country for a business meeting or taking the family on a summer vacation to Venice? Heavy and long-range jets are often equipped with kitchen amenities to make in-flight meals a breeze.

Whether you’re ordering a boxed lunch for a short-haul flight or planning delicious meals prepared inflight by crew members, our Trip Support Team is here to help arrange a memorable meal plan for your next private jet charter.

Q: How much does food cost on a private jet?

A: The cost of private jet catering varies widely depending on the meal you order. Typically, catering costs more than take-out from a restaurant due to the preparation, plateware and delivery fees. Whatever your preference and dietary requirements, we will provide you with a quote for your inflight meals before you take to the skies.

Want to learn more about our private jet catering options aboard your next flight? Reach out to us at (888) 593-9066 to get started.