Private Jet for Charter: Myth-busting the Stigmas

Traveling by private jet has a certain allure to it. The majority of the flying public has never been on a private jet. So, naturally, there are certain perceptions and misperceptions about on-demand jet travel and the charter industry as a whole. At Stratos Jet Charters, we believe in complete transparency so our clients can make informed buying decisions. With that in mind, we’ve put together some myths about private jets for charter

Myth #1: Charter jets are inherently unsafe

This myth came about because some charter operators were inherently unsafe. In any industry, there will always be some operators who bend the rules to make a quick dollar. Tougher legislation and rigorous audits have weeded out many of these “jet-mart” operators, but potential passengers need to be vigilant. At Stratos Jet Charters, safety has always been our priority.  

We use a strict Approved Vendor Program before we add a carrier to our network. Stratos is also accredited by several reputable third-party auditing firms that monitor our maintenance standards and financial stability. And we’ve upped our game as far as bio-safety is concerned. We simply will not compromise your health or wellbeing for any reason.

Myth #2: Private jets are only for the elite

It’s true that our industry was built on a niche market. Corporate executives and VIPs were the main clients for private jet travel. But as we noted in a previous blog article, recent events have shifted the passenger demographic. Due to disruptions in the commercial airline industry, more business-class and family passengers are choosing private jets for charter. We can provide greater flexibility when it comes to the choice of destinations, medical evacuations, and other customized flight solutions.

Myth # 3: You need to be an expert to book an aircraft

This is an unusual notion we encounter from time to time. It may have arisen because when you book a private jet for charter, you book the whole aircraft, not just one seat. But the only information you’ll need is the size of your group, your destination, and your itinerary.  Our expert Stratos Jet Charter agents can help you find the ideal jet for your travels. They will make additional recommendations based on the range of the aircraft, luggage capacity, comfort expectations, and runway requirements. 

If you are interested in doing your own research, our Jet Types page lists every aircraft in our network. Just click the “Compare +” button to view side-by-side comparisons. And, if you would like additional help with special on-board meals & entertainment, ground transportation, or hotel bookings, our concierge Trip Support Team is always ready to help. We have hired air travel experts so you don’t have to be one. 

Myth #4: Private jets ruin the environment

Like all responsible industries, we balance our obligation to our clients with the needs of our planet. You’ll find charter jets are one of the most-efficient methods of long-distance travel. When you hire a private jet for charter, you are flying a small group directly to their destination in a smaller, fuel-efficient jet. Many large commercial airliners burn more fuel on take-off than a private jet will use for its entire flight! 

But we cannot be self-satisfied when it comes to the planet. Our industry has embraced some progressive sustainability concepts such as electrical aircraft, bio-fuels, and carbon-offsets to name a few. You can read more about our environmental initiatives in our recent Jet Sustainability blog article.

We hope we have dispelled some of the myths that surround private jets for charter. We take pride in being safe, accessible, transparent, and responsible. 


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