Booking a Private Jet from LA to NY: Cost, Options, Booking Tips & More

Flying between the two most prominent cultural hubs on each coast can be a time-consuming jaunt, especially when making the trip with a commercial airline. Booking a private jet from LA to NY, on the other hand, offers passengers with all the inflight amenities they need while saving time on the ground pre- and post-flight. Imagine how much better your upcoming trip would be if you could arrive at the airport minutes before your flight and board after a quick check-in at the FBO (Fixed Base Operator).

Before you pack your bags and head to the nearest FBO, here’s what you can expect when you travel via private jet from LA to NY.

How long is the flight between New York and Los Angeles?

The length of time it takes for you to fly on a private jet from LA to NY can vary slightly based on several factors. The actual time spent in the sky, though, is comparable to booking a seat on a commercial airliner. On a larger-sized jet, the flight will take less than six hours.

private jet on tarmac

If you choose to fly out of an FBO as opposed to an international airport, you can save time on the ground. When you fly commercially, you’re required to arrive at the airport hours before your flight to allow for time to check-in and make your way through security. If you’re flying out of a busy international airport, you’ll also have to allow extra time for dealing with traffic.

Flying out of a smaller executive airport can help solve this problem. You also won’t be required to make your way through lengthy queues once you arrive. Simply head to the FBO, enjoy a brief check-in experience and head to your waiting jet with baggage in hand. It’s just simple, straight-forward flying.

What is the cost of a private jet from LA to NY?

The cost of your charter will depend largely on your personal travel preferences. The larger the jet, the higher the rate. So, for example, if you choose to charter a heavy jet, like the Gulfstream G450, you’ll be looking at a bill of $60-$67,000 each way. For the same trip, a smaller jet would set you back closer to $45,000 per leg.

Which private jet from LA to NY should I charter?

Ultimately, the decision is going to come down to availability and your own personal preferences, but some of our recommended aircraft for this trip include:

Exterior Citation X

Cessna Citation X

Hourly rate: Up to $11,000
Class: Super mid-size
Seating: 8
Maximum range: 3,215 nautical miles
Cruise altitude: 43,000 feet
Cruise speed: 528 miles per hour
Notable amenities: top-speed record setter at 605 miles per hour, full refreshment center, spacious aft lavatory, Honeywell avionics suite and more.

Challenger 300

Bombardier Challenger 300

Hourly rate: Up to $11,000
Class: Super Mid-size
Seating: 9
Maximum range: 3,065 nautical miles
Cruise altitude: 45,000 feet
Cruise speed: 528 miles per hour
Notable amenities: well-equipped galleys, advanced flight management system, satcom telephones, state-of-the-art communication and entertainment systems and more.

private air charter

Gulfstream GIV

Hourly rate: Up to $13,000 per hour
Class: Heavy
Seating: 14
Maximum range: 4,300 nautical miles
Cruise altitude: 45,000 feet
Cruise speed: 534 miles per hour
Notable amenities: Oversized captain’s chairs, 169-cubic foot storage compartment, stateroom, all-glass digital cockpit, and more.

Bombardier Global Express 5000

Bombardier Global Express

Hourly rate: Up to $17,000 per hour
Class: Ultra long-range
Seating: 14 passengers
Maximum range: 6,170 nautical miles
Cruise altitude: 51,000 feet
Cruise speed: 548 miles per hour
Notable amenities: Aft stateroom with a full-sized bathroom and bed, spacious cabin, state-of-the-art entertainment and connectivity systems, and more.

4 tips for booking a private jet from LA to NY

Tip Number 1: Do some research.

Before picking a private jet charter broker, spend time reviewing their website. Do they have reviews shared on their website or social platforms? Are their safety accreditations listed? Do they offer free estimates? Are they open about their booking process? All of this information should be easy to access on their website.

Tip Number 2: Request quotes.

Get a few quotes, but don’t necessarily book the cheapest charter. When looking for a private jet charter provider, it’s important to seek out a few quotes so you can compare price. If one provider’s quote is well below the others, that may mean they’re compromising safety or cutting corners to make the sale. If the deal seems too good to be true, it most likely is.

Tip Number 3: Know and communicate your travel needs.

If you plan on booking a private jet from LA to NY, you’re going to need a larger jet that’s capable of traveling long distances. If you ask for quotes on smaller aircraft, you could be setting yourself up for a frustrating booking experience. A reputable private flight advisor will be able to help you make the most informed buying decisions, but you need to make sure you’re up front about your travel requirements and preferences.

Tip Number 4: Book in advance.

In today’s aviation climate, booking a last-minute charter can be tricky. With reduced availability of aircraft and high demand for charters, it’s important to book your charter as far in advance as possible. By leaving it to the last minute, you may not be able to create a travel itinerary that works with your schedule.



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