If the coast is calling and you’re ready to swap the live music, weirdness, and heat of Austin for the coastal breezes and Pacific beaches of Los Angeles, you may want to consider flying privately. Besides setting your own travel schedule, you’ll get to enjoy your time in the skies in complete privacy and comfort. Once you fly privately, you may never want to book with a commercial airline again.

Here’s everything you need to know when booking a private jet from Austin to Los Angeles.

Plan Your Trip to LA Accordingly

There is so much to see in Los Angeles besides the frequent celebrity sightings. The key to making the most out of your time in LA is planning an itinerary that includes all your must-see and dos while in the City of Angels. When you book a private jet from Austin to Los Angeles, be sure to include these activities in your day:

Book a table at The Ivy. The Ivy offers diners a seat on a sprawling patio that’s sought after by plenty of A-list celebrities. The upscale restaurant on Robertson Boulevard serves amazing food in a stylish and trendy way, making it one of the most popular restaurants in LA.


Hike the Runyon Canyon. A popular hiking spot for locals and visitors alike, Runyon Canyon offers a well-kept trail with epic views. Conveniently located right above the Hollywood Walk of Fame, you’ll be able to knock two bucket list items off your list.

Explore the shops at The Grove. This outdoor mall is full of eclectic boutiques, eateries, restaurants, cafes and more. There’s even a farmer’s market.

malibu, california

Toss a football around Carbon Beach. Also known as Billionaire’s Beach, this beach in Malibu is the perfect place to soak up some sunshine and salty sea breezes. You can also take a stroll and admire some of the beautiful oceanfront homes lining the shore.

Fall in love with the perfect find at The Melrose Trading Post. This extremely popular flea market offers some pretty amazing vintage finds. Whether you’re looking for a stunning accessory to complement that new outfit, an antique for your office at home, or a shawl for chilly fall evenings, you’ll find it here.

Catch a comedy show at Largo at the Coronet. This spot is the perfect place for a laugh. Sometimes you’ll even catch an A-list celebrity on stage or at the table next to you.

Book a private jet charter from Austin to Los Angeles

How Long Does it Take to Charter a Private Jet from Austin to Los Angeles?

Flying privately comes with a higher price tag than flying commercially, however, the time savings on the ground both pre and post flight can make up for the cost difference.

When you fly privately, you’ll be able to arrive at the airport about 30 minutes before your flight is scheduled to depart. You will not have to wait in lengthy security line-ups or baggage checkpoints. All you have to do is arrive, check-in with the Fixed-base Operator, and board your waiting aircraft.

And when you land? Simply grab your belongings, deplane, and hop into whatever ground transportation that’s been arranged to meet your arriving jet. No spinning baggage carousel for you!

The time in the skies, however, is comparable to that of a commercial airliner. Depending on the size of your aircraft, the total flight time is roughly 2.5 to 3.5 hours.

How Much Does It Cost to Charter a Private Jet from Austin to Los Angeles?

The larger the charter jet, the larger the travel invoice. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available to choose from. Popular options include:

Charter a King Air 250

Beechcraft King Air 250 Turboprop Charter

Estimated cost: $11,000 to $13,500

Seats: 8

Speed: 357 miles per hour

Range: 1,362 miles


Beechcraft Premier IA

Beechcraft Premier 1A Light Jet Charter

Estimated cost: $17,000 to $20,000

Seats: 6

Speed: 425 miles per hour

Range: 1,360 miles


Lear 60 Private Jet Charter

Lear 60 Mid-size Jet Charter

Estimated cost: $23,000-$27,000

Seats: 7

Speed: 489 miles per hour

Range: 2,515 miles


Legacy 500 Super Mid-size Jet Charter

Estimated cost: $27,000 to $31,000

Seats: 8

Speed: 536 miles per hour

Range: 3,125 miles


Book Gulfstream 450 Charter flights

Gulfstream G450 Heavy Jet Charter

Estimated cost: $39,000 to $45,000

Seats: 14

Speed: 534 miles per hour

Range: 4,350 miles

Helpful Tips for Book a Private Jet from Austin to Los Angeles

Booking a private jet charter with Stratos has never been easier. We offer several ways to get the booking process started.

    • Book a flight through the app. We’ve recently launched an app that allows you to book a private jet in Austin or anywhere else in the world right from your smart phone. You can also use the app to manage your itinerary, order concierge services and check your invoices. Download the app.
    • Call a private flight advisor. Our expert advisors are available by phone around the clock. You can reach them at (888) 593-9066.
    • Email a private flight advisor at [email protected]. Besides using their own personal inboxes to communicate with clients, our advisors all have access to the generic inbox, so you can reach someone whenever the need to book a jet charter comes up.
    • Use our online form to request a quote. When you navigate to our Start a Quote webpage, you’ll be able to plug in your travel details online. A private flight advisor will respond as soon as possible with a quote so you can get your trip planning started.

When you’re ready to book your private jet from Austin to Los Angeles, you’ll need to let your private flight advisor know:

      • Your desired departure time and day
      • Your departing and arriving locations
      • The number of passengers you’ll be traveling with
      • Any additional/special travel requirements and preferences you have

Once the most suitable aircraft has been sourced through your private flight advisor, our Trip Support team will walk you through the rest of the booking process.


Ready to soar higher than ever before? Trust the private aviation professionals at Stratos Jets. For two decades, we’ve been providing clients with safe jet charters at an affordable price. Give us the opportunity to show you our expectational customer service skills. You won’t regret it! Call (888) 593-9066 to get started.