Large Storage Capacities

At times you may find that your jet charter trips may result in heavy traveling. Transporting golf clubs, ski sets, or heavy luggage calls for a specific private aircraft designed to execute such a mission. Aircraft Manufactures, Cessna and Embraer, kept consumers comfort and travel needs in mind when designing the Citation Excel, Citation X, and the Embraer Legacy 600. These aircraft naturally feature top-notch interiors and provide the absolute highest levels of comfort and convenience available to air charter consumers. Although many aviation consumers focus solely on personal comfort, the amount of storage room available can be just as important.

A great example of a private jet that caters to both aspects is the Citation Excel. This remarkable mid-sized aircraft has an external compartment providing passengers with 87 cubic feet of storage space, along with some additional space in an internal closet. To give you a better idea of how much room that is: The Excel can hold up to 4-6 golf bags, 4-6 sets of skis, or 7-8 large suitcases. When Cessna had this model in mind, space was at the top of the list. This mid-sized jets cabin extends 18.7 ft in length, comfortably holding up to eight passengers. Two air conditioning systems were also installed to ensure that passengers are traveling in their desired climate.

The Citation X stands out amongst the rest as it carries a reputation of having the largest cabin within the Citation series of aircraft. With a cabin that stretches to a length of 24 feet, a width of 5.5 feet, and a ceiling reaching 5.7 feet high, the Citation X continually impresses jet travelers. Not only can the Citation X seat 8 passengers comfortably, but also features extra large chairs that fully recline, giving passengers the ultimate inflight experience. Extra amenities are available, adding the convenience needed for long-ranged flights, including a fully equipped galley and an extra large lavatory. The Citation X has a storage capacity of 135 cu ft roughly converts into 770 pounds of luggage! One of the unique features that this aircraft carries is a heated and pressurized storage compartment, ensuring belongings will not be damaged during flight.

If your charter flight calls for a 13 passenger aircraft with an enormous baggage compartment, the Legacy 600 will undoubtedly meet all of your needs. It is the only aircraft on the market with three separate cabin zones and a a 240 cubic feet flight-accessible storage area converting to approximately 1000 pounds. Its cabin size surpasses all jets within its class, measuring to a length of 42.4 feet and a width of 6.9 feet. With tall ceilings reaching up to six feet in height, it allows passengers of all sizes to maneuver about the cabin comfortably.

Keep in mind that baggage capacity may vary based on the specific jet configuration and passenger load. When booking a charter flight through Stratos Jets be sure to let your agent know exactly how many passengers are flying and for what purpose you are traveling. This will allow them to find the most appropriate aircraft for your air charter needs. Call us at to speak with one of our experienced client service agents to provide you with a quote for your next trip and see the Stratos Jets difference for yourself.