How Proactive Is Your Jet Charter Company About Safety?

Any jet charter company will tell you that client safety is essential to success in business aviation. Air charter safety requires constant diligence, and to achieve it many air carriers implement safety management systems (SMS) to identify potential risks before they become bigger problems. In order for an SMS to be effective, it requires a proactive approach. These systems are based on the concept that you can always find better ways to prevent hazards. Thankfully, there are numerous organizations that are committed to developing policies and best practices for:

  • Air charter safety
  • Client education
  • Risk management programs

Many jet charter companies have already bought into this ideology because it makes good business sense. Safe companies attract more clients. These days, close to 70% of all charter flights being booked through brokers. As more charter brokers make the connection between safety and success, air carriers will be more inclined to improve their own safety practices.

Safety Audits for Jet Charter Companies

jet charter safety1 One of the best ways an air charter company can demonstrate its commitment to client safety is through the implementation of an SMS Program. This goes much deeper than simply screening the aircraft and operators that fly them. These audits look at how a company operates and identifies its strengths and weaknesses. For instance, the ACSF (Air Charter Safety Foundation) has developed the Industry Audit Standard (IAS), which is used by leading:

  • Charter operators
  • Fractional program managers
  • Charter brokers
  • Corporate charter clients
  • Aviation auditors

The IAS uses a systematic approach that employees of on-demand charter operators can use to identify and correct potential safety hazards.

Setting Safety Goals

By its very nature, an SMS is constantly changing. Working with safety organizations like the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC)—creators of the IS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operation)—helps aviation companies understand areas that need improving, both on a daily basis and long term. By setting an industry standard, IS-BAO gives charter companies a benchmark to work toward. It ensures improvement on an ongoing basis and helps prevent the tendency to ease up once a desired level is reached. And because the IS-BAO is a graduated process, it provides a realistic framework that jet charter companies can use to:

  • Structure flight departments
  • Conduct operations
  • Review systems, programs and procedures
  • Upgrade to a higher standard

Adopting Leading Safety Technology

Technology has greatly enhanced every aspect of the aviation industry. The real-time availability of critical data is enabling safety-auditing companies to instantly identify potential issues before they become real problems. Prism–a quality, safety and risk management tool–is a great example of this. Charter companies and the employees can use it to automatically monitor their operations anytime, anywhere. This web-based application reduces the time, money and manpower required by more traditional methods. If you’re looking for a jet charter company that’s committed to air charter safety, call Stratos Jets—(888) 593-9066 (toll free) or request a quote online.

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