Rise in popularity of private aviation among business travelers.


As the US economy continues to reach new heights, so does business travel. While business travel is typically considered a necessary burden, executives who take to the skies regularly are finding alternatives to the long lines and the hassles of airport security inherent to commercial aviation. Each year more and more executives are taking to the skies and each year more of these executives are flying private. According to an Aviation International News forecast, this trend is expected to continue at the rate of 9.4% for the next 14 years. (www.ainonline.com). The National Business Travel monitor reports that “35% of active business travelers are planning to take more business trips this year than last”.

This increase in travel seen amongst the corporate elite has shifted toward private aviation for a number of reasons. The results of a poll conducted by Stratos Jet Charters last month cites long lines and crowded terminals as the primary reason why top level execs are choosing to fly privately. (www.stratosjet.com) Stratos Jets also reports that departure times and destination flexibility are among their top concerns.

With the recent advent of very light jets has brought about a dynamic change within the private aviation industry. Executives are now chartering very light jets for intrastate travel. Allowing executives to travel to major cities within a state or to neighboring states and return home the same day. Very light jets provide flexibility unmatched by the major airlines and allow executives to travel to airports just minutes away from their ultimate destination. This trend supports Aviation International News forecast of the expected growth in the private charter industry. In addition to flexibility, very light jets are fairly cheap to charter and open the door of private jet travel to a whole new class of would be commercial fliers.

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Joel A. Thomas

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