Safety First: The Advantages of Private Charter Jets

The commercial aviation industry is starting to see a bit of an increase in air traffic since the recent travel upheaval. Many airlines have been forced to reduce flights, passenger loads, destinations, and service, and because of this more business travelers are turning to private charter jets to meet their travel needs. 

If you’ve been looking for safer travel options, it’s time to consider Stratos Private Jet Charters. As an on-demand scalable jet broker, Stratos has the flexibility, service, and safety that commercial airlines cannot match. If you need to fly, here are three reasons why Stratos is a great option. 


This is perhaps the most notable reason why private charter jets have become a viable option. Traveling on a smaller charter jet protects not only you, but also the people you are meeting with at your destination. Not every flight this summer will be for business reasons, but if you are visiting your children, grandchildren, or elderly parents, it’s worth the extra expense to minimize health risks.  

Here are some private jet factors to consider:

  • Aircraft booked through Stratos can depart and arrive at smaller airports, avoiding busy terminals
  • Most private charter jets in our network carry between 4 and 18 passengers. This allows you to travel with the people in your “safety bubble,” in an aircraft that is easily sanitized during and between flights
  • In many cases, ground transportation can meet you at your destination, which means you can avoid going through yet another airport terminal

Learn more about passenger safety initiatives at our Stratos COVID FAQ page.


If you used to travel in Business Class or First Class with commercial airlines, you expected a higher level of comfort and service for your travel dollar. However, since April 2020, the service in First Class has been greatly reduced to minimize contact. First Class is no longer as wonderful as it once was. 

Though Stratos private charter jets can be pricier than commercial flights, the all-around value is worth the increase in fare. Here’s why:

  • First, your group gets extraordinary comfort and first-rate service for every flight. Arrive rested and ready to do business.
  • That old adage is true: “Time is Money.” Corporate travelers cannot afford to waste time traveling on a commercial airline’s schedule, especially in this era of reduced operations. One missed connection could cost you an important meeting or a valuable contract. Stratos private charter jets are a point-to-point on-demand service, with minimal waiting time.

Anticipating the Future

No one knows how long the current situation will last. If you’ve never chartered a private jet before, now is the best time to try it. Besides traveling in superior comfort, you and your traveling companions will be less at risk to illness. When the time comes that commercial aviation is once again safe, you may just find that private charter jets are still your preferred method of travel. We’ll be happy to accommodate those needs now and in the future.


No matter where you’re planning to go, especially during these unusual times, discover the safety and convenience of traveling by luxury private jet. Call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066. 

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