Corporate Jet Rentals: Top Questions for Your Charter Jet Broker

Business travel has undergone a seismic shift over the last several months. Corporate travelers who once relied solely on commercially scheduled flights are turning to private corporate jet rentals. But not all jet charter brokers are up to the demand. 

If you’re new to charter jet travel, how do you determine which broker is the safest choice for your corporate travel? At Stratos Jet Charters, we believe in empowering our clients to make the best choices. 

Based on the information we get from our airline peers and our executive clients, we put together a checklist of five questions to ask before booking with an on-demand jet charter broker.

Do they make you feel safe?

Safety is a crucial factor in every element of corporate jet rentals. It includes the company’s financial health, aircraft maintenance, and pilot training. Here’s what to look for: 

  • Are the carriers implementing the latest bio-security protocols? We have ensured our Stratos network of carriers adhere to the safety standards set by FAA and the Center for Disease Control.  
  • Is the charter broker accredited by third-party auditors such as ARGUS and Wyvern?
  • Does the broker evaluate the carriers in their network? Stratos has developed a rigorous Approved Vendor Program to ensure our carriers meet exemplary maintenance and pilot safety standards. 

How effectively do they communicate with you?

The more answers you have, the better your flight will be. 

  • Does your broker have the information you need on their website? We are proud that our Stratos Jet Charter site has detailed information on our company, our pricing tools, and every type of aircraft in our carrier network. You’ll also find a straightforward FAQ and Glossary page.
  • Does the broker have agents accessible through a 1-800 number? Call Stratos at 888-593-9066 and you’ll reach an experienced agent to help you any time. Try it!

Can the broker handle ground arrangements?

Some corporate jet rental companies only handle flights. But what happens once you are back on the tarmac? 

  • Can your broker arrange ground transport? Fortunately, Stratos Jet Charters has a concierge Trip Support Team to arrange anything from an uncomplicated vehicle rental to a chauffeured limousine to meet your flight.  
  • What about accommodation and extras? Once again, our efficient Trip Support service can arrange hotels, meeting spaces, and restaurant reservations. They can also handle in-flight preparations for travelers with special dietary requirements, mobility issues, or any other unique travel needs.  

Would you let the carrier fly your top clients or family?

If you are traveling with a prospective client or taking your family on a holiday, what do you want their experience to be like? It’s a Quality vs. Quantity balance. Commercial airlines use a quantity model – put 160 passengers on an aircraft with adequate legroom and adequate food, and they will have an adequate flight. Private jets, on the other hand, have always focused on superior comfort and exceptional service.  

  • Business travelers can expect comfortable face-to-face seating, so you can chat and work together. Many executive jets have fold-out work tables, Wi-Fi, seat-side comfort controls, and other amenities to make your flight productive.
  • Family groups can enjoy more personal space, easy storage for diaper bags and personal items, in-flight entertainment, and attention to individual needs.    

Is the price good value?

Everyone loves a bargain. But, if the above questions can’t be answered to your satisfaction, use caution.  There are some “jet-marts” that are exploiting the current travel situation.  When it comes to corporate jet rental, your group’s safety and comfort will always need to be balanced against the cost of the flight. 


When you’re ready to enjoy corporate jet rentals and the convenience of traveling by luxury private jet, call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066. 

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