For the business traveller, getting in and out of large international airports can be one of the most stressful aspects of the job. Not only do you have to contend with ground transportation, traffic and parking, there are also the long waits at the airline counter, security gate, and to board the aircraft. It’s enough to want to throw in your briefcase. Fortunately, there’s a better way to travel: hire an executive jet charter, which can fly into smaller, quieter airports, which are often run by a municipal governing body or are privately owned. A recent article in the New York Times reviews how smaller airports are becoming more popular with business travelers for their shorter wait times, convenience, and accessibility to more and more destinations. They are also the airports of choice for many executive jet charter operations, as many private jets have more flexibility to take off and land along shorter runways.

Why wait? 

If you compare one of the world’s busiest airports to one of the world’s smallest, you can see why an executive jet charter to a smaller airport can make a world of difference: On a busy day, Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International, which saw more than 104 million passengers travel through its gates in 2016, can see wait times of up to one hour or more at its security gate (see Long Security Lines at Atlanta Airport Continue). Now compare that to one of the world’s smallest airports, Morgantown Municipal Airport in West Virginia, which services executive jet charters and offers 1,000 connecting flights to domestic and international destinations. At this airport, security screening takes just minutes, with shorter lines and efficient processing. There is even a restaurant, complimentary coffee, and concierge services at this smaller airport, making it a win-win for a business traveller.

Keep your shoes on

One of the reasons why security lines are less of an issue when flying by executive jet charter, and especially by private jet in and out of a smaller private airport, is that you likely won’t have to go through a security check. There is usually no Transportation Security Authorization or pre-flight checks required at private airports, so basically you arrive and board your plane (ID may be required by the pilot) and then you’re off.

Drive on through with executive jet charter travel

If there is one thing that frustrates business and general travelers more than anything, it’s to find parking in those multi-levelled lots at large international airports that are usually located miles away from the terminal. The cost to park is usually an exorbitant amount (short-term parking at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago is a whopping US for nine-24 hours.) This is where the benefits of flying in and out of a smaller airport really stack up, as you can normally drive and park just steps away from the terminal, and in the case of a private executive airport, you can sometimes drive right onto the airport’s apron to the airplane door. For more information on what makes flying by private jet on an executive jet charter service more convenient, visit our blog on The Convenience of Regional Jet Charter Airlines. Stratos Jets has a comprehensive database of private jets and turbo-prop airplanes that can fly into any size airport at numerous destinations around the world. Visit us to see how our executive jet charter travel service can make your trip more comfortable and convenient.