private jet charters used to bring wedding cake to Costa Rica

Strange Things We’ve Transported on Private Jet Charters (Part 2)

Last week, we talked about some of the unusual items that we’ve transported for clients on private jet charters. That list consisted of:

  • Show penguins
  • Rare art
  • Ball bearings
  • A deceased family dog

Well, the list doesn’t end there. After being in the air charter business for more than a decade, you’re bound to see some strange requests, as demonstrated by our next collection.

Purebred Chickens

private jet charters used to fly prized chickens If you’ve read our blog before, you know that Stratos Jets arranges pet-friendly private jet charters. For instance, we often get requests from families who want to take the family dog with them on vacation. But what about purebred chickens? We have a client who lives is in the New York area, but also maintains a residence in a seaside town just outside of Los Angeles. Whenever she makes the journey out west, she brings her prized birds with her.

Deceased Family Member

In last week’s blog, we talked about a family that flew their beloved dog home on a private jet charter after it had unexpectedly died while they were on vacation. Well, a similar situation happened, only this time it was an actual person. There were several challenges that made private jet charters the preferred option in this instance.

Challenger 604 private jet charters

Challenger 604 charter jet

First, the family member died outside of the US. In order to bring a dead body home (also known as the repatriation of mortal remains), it requires a significant amount of preparation and paperwork. Second, the family didn’t want to entrust this matter with an airline, and nor did they want to transport the family member in a body bag. Instead, they wanted the deceased to be flown in a casket. To accommodate this request, we were able to coordinate a Challenger 604 jet charter, which has both the range and interior cabin capacity to transport a full-sized casket.

Designer Wedding Cake

private jet charters used to fly wedding cake to Costa Rica If you’ve ever watched reality TV shows like Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes, you know how extravagant a wedding cake can be. To celebrate their nuptials, one of our clients hired a celebrity cake baker from one of these shows to design an extraordinary cake valued at about $100,000! One of the challenges was that the cake was made in the US, and the wedding ceremony was in Costa Rica (you can see where we’re going with this). To transport the cake to the wedding venue safely, the couple had it dismantled and shipped in separate boxes on a private charter flight to Costa Rica…as well as the celebrity cake baker so she could assemble it upon arrival.

Books for a Book Signing

It’s not uncommon for people on promotional tours to use a courier service to forward their merchandise between stops. It’s normally quite a reliable means of transportation, and it saves you the hassle of having to lug everything with you. This is exactly what one author was hoping would happen, only it didn’t. He had just finished a tour stop in Bozeman, Montana and was then headed to Los Angeles for a fundraiser. For some reason, his courier didn’t deliver and he was left scrambling. He contacted Stratos Jets and we were able to arrange for the most affordable light jet to fly his books 1,000 miles from Montana to California. From a small box of important documents to heavy industrial equipment, and everything in between, Stratos Jets will arrange private jet charters tailored to your transportation needs. Call us to book your next trip—888-593-9066.

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