Stratos Jet Charters Donates to Gulf Coast Restoration Network

Private Aviation assists with Gulf Oil spill clean up

Private Jet Charters Flights to benefit the Gulf Coast

Stratos Jet Charters, like most of the American public and millions more around the globe, has intensely followed the recent BP/Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion and subsequent oil spill in the national news.  As a Florida-based company, we were shocked and deeply saddened to learn the news of the Gulf Coast oil spill. Our air charter agency has always taken part in doing whatever we can to protect our environment and our own beautiful coastal waters.  We hope and pray that our government can stem the flow of oil into the Gulf as quickly as humanely possible and protect our treasured coastlines from further damage. Our air charter agency is committed to helping the clean-up efforts of the Gulf Coast oil spill through large donations to the Gulf Coast Restoration Network.  Founded in 1995,  the Gulf Coast Restoration Network (GCRN) is a coalition of environmental organizations dedicated to protecting all natural resources of the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Florida. We at Stratos Jets pledge to make a large donation to the GCRN for every passenger-carrying charter flight booked to one of the Gulf Coast states through our agency.  Through our donations to the GCRN, we hope to help rid the Gulf Coast of oil and harmful chemicals. While we are on topic of the Gulf Coast oil spill, we would like to report that the Federal Aviation Administration has currently restricted all aircraft from flying over the oil spill below 3,000 feet. This means that news outlets and members of the media will not get a clear shot of the oil spill from a low altitude. This temporary flight restriction was put into place for safety reasons and presumably to prevent photographers from taking controversial photos of the oil disaster. The restricted airspace covers a significant portion of the Gulf Coast, spanning from New Orleans to the West Coast of Florida. As a result, Stratos Jets is currently not authorized to charter a private aircraft below 3,000 feet over the Gulf Coast, but we can arrange private jet charter flights to the oil spill in the Gulf Coast for relief and visitation purposes.  Currently, most of the beaches in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana have been unaffected by the oil spill. We encourage all of our clients to charter a private jet to the Gulf Coast and Florida to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the pristine beaches of the Gulf. Our air charter agency will make a large donation to the GCRN on your behalf to help preserve the Gulf for generations to come.

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