When choosing the right company to do business with, acquiring company insight to find an authorized and trusted partner is essential. Having a clear indication of where your money is going, how it is being used and identifying if there is profitable opportunities for growth, can all be determined by examining a companies financial history and current standings through their Dun & Bradstreet rating. D&B is the world’s leading source of global business information that enables customers to do business with confidence.

When analyzing a firm’s position, financial strength and credit-worthiness is measured by a risk indicator that predicts the likelihood of a business failure. With 1 being the highest score and 5 being the lowest, Stratos Jets proudly announces their success in receiving top ratings from D&B under the best possible financial stress score of 1, indicating an excellent credit standing and strong financial strength.

As a trusted leader in the aviation industry, Stratos Jet Charters sole focus is to maintain this trust by continuing to conduct excellent business with our industry partners and provide the same level of service to our clients. The D&B Paydex score, which reflects a company’s credit standing based on payment experiences, confirms that 58 vendors who work with Stratos Jets have reported back to D&B with outstanding reviews of Stratos Jets paying within credit terms 100% of the time. With the industry average score of 70; Stratos Jets proudly exceeded that number and received a score of 80. Once again, Stratos beat the national average scores within the Jet Charter Industry by large margins.

Stratos Jet Charters continues the raise the bar for excellence in private aviation and will continue to do so by going above and beyond each and every time. We believe good business, the kind that provides honest answers, fair market evaluations and superior service, is the only way to do business. These guiding principles have shaped all aspects of our company and have provided us with great success since our inception.