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Take the Stress out of Commuting with an Air Taxi

You’ve got an important meeting to attend in a nearby city, but you know the traffic is going to be bumper-to-bumper all the way. Normally, you’d either have to drive the night before, or wake up extra early to beat the rush. But what if we told you there was a more convenient way to travel: chartering an air taxi. Air taxis provide short-haul flights between two destinations aboard a smaller aircraft, such as:

  • Helicopter Air taxi is faster than a real cab
  • Turboprop
  • Light Jet

To learn more about aircraft selection for air taxi flights, read our post: When Are Turboprop Charter Planes Preferable to Light Jets. Similar to booking a cab ride, arranging a charter flight is an on-demand service, albeit a little more complex than simply waving your arm from a sidewalk curb. Another similarity is that you get the whole plane, rather than just a seat. That’s why the cost of an air taxi is calculated by flight time, rather than per seat. While an air taxi will likely be more expensive than flying commercial, it can be a cost-effective option for business travelers to whom the mantra ‘time is money’ is gospel. Air taxi avoids commuter traffic It is also a worthwhile option for people heading away on holiday who feel the added convenience and time savings warrant the extra expense. For instance, if you’re facing an eight-hour drive to visit relatives, or to reach your summer vacation rental, renting a private jet will alleviate much of the hardship.

Greater Travel Flexibility

One of the primary benefits of private aviation is that you enjoy access to a greater range of airports than you would when flying commercially. This is even more evident when chartering an air taxi, as smaller aircraft invariably have better runway performance compared to larger planes such as heavy jets and airliners. This opens up a range flight planning advantages:

  • Access smaller airports with less infrastructure
  • Fly into remote areas
  • Access airports underserviced by commercial airlines

Having more points of departure and arrival means you’ll be less likely to experience a delay or cancellation. If there’s an issue at one airport, you can usually reroute your aircraft to land at one nearby.

No Road, No Problem

In some cases, there might not even be a road where you’re heading, in which case, Air taxi on runway flying might be your only option. A good example of this would be a family that wants to do some island hopping in Hawaii or the Bahamas (you could take a boat, but it would significantly add to your transportation time).   Furthermore, many industrial companies rely on air taxis to transfer personnel to and from remote worksites, such as mines and oil fields, as the roadways are either inefficient or nonexistent.

Eliminate Other Travel Costs

Flying on an air taxi can reduce other travel expenses. With the ability to fly in and out for a one-day business meeting, you won’t need to stay at a hotel. In many cases you won’t even require a rental car. If you’re looking to reduce travel time while increasing convenience and comfort, talk to a Stratos Jets charter associate about booking an air taxi. We can help you select the most suitable aircraft and airports for your unique travel needs.

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