The Importance of Booking Your Charter Flights Early for the Holiday Season

Book your charter flight early to secure your charter jet for holiday travel

Those who know Stratos Jets knows that we are a Christian-based organization. Every decision we make and every action we take is influenced by traditional Christian values and principles. As both a company and individually, we truly value the vital role that family plays in each of our lives, and the importance of spending time together to express the love we feel for one another.

This is especially true during meaningful times like the Holidays. The resulting spike in personal travel from Thanksgiving through Christmas and New Year’s Day creates the busiest travel period of the year for private jet charter, increasing aircraft demand to peak levels.

The increase in demand also coincides with the most inclement weather of the year. Ice, snow, freezing rain, extreme cold and other adverse conditions can reduce the availability of charter jet aircraft at a time when they are needed most. This can result in a significant increase in pricing and fewer planes available for your trip.

Many savvy private jet travelers book their trips weeks in advance to secure a charter aircraft for the Holiday season. This reserves the desired jet for their trip and avoids the higher costs associated with booking a last-minute flight charter flight during peak demand. In addition, they avoid missing out on charter availability completely — and then scrambling to fly commercially during the frantic Holiday season.

This is critical since delays, cancellations and full commercial flights are quite common during this time of year. Overcrowded, hectic airports add to the challenge. Something as simple as sitting next to another commercial passenger with the flu can ruin a perfectly good family holiday. Booking your charter flight early eliminates these obstacles.

At Stratos Jets, we have the ability to help you avoid adverse weather conditions by utilizing smaller, alternative airports with fairer weather conditions. This is not an option for commercial travelers. Our private flight advisors can provide jet charter service on a wide range of aircraft that are well-equipped for cold weather flying, ensuring that you reach your destination safely and on-time this Holiday season.

We take personal pride in the role that we play for our clients, both in their business and personal lives. We feel honored in knowing that we have helped families and friends come together during for Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

By booking early through Stratos Jets, you can rest assured that we will connect you with the most appropriate aircraft for your flight at the best available price. At Stratos Jets, our goal is to make sure that you get home safely for the Holidays, or to whatever destination you and your loved ones travel to this year.

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