Top 5 Winter Destinations to Visit in 2013 Series: Featuring Prague

Prague has an extraordinary charm that can’t be found in surrounding cities. Its fascinating history and divine architecture remains as compelling as it did in the 13th century. During this enchanting era, Prague Castle, the largest ancient castle in the world, was the seat for many Holy Roman Emperors and today attracts millions of travelers from all over the world to see this one attraction alone. Since its inception, it has had four major reconstructions, but still carries the classical feel it has always endured. Be sure to set aside an entire day to spend the amount of time needed to truly appreciate the history embellished here.

Another respected work of art to see under many travelers bucket-lists is the Charles Bridge. Beginning its development in the early 1300s during the reign of King Charles IV, Charles Bridge became the most important connection between Prague Castle and Old Town Prague as well as a major trading route between Eastern and Western Europe. Stretching over the Vltava River, and surrounded by three astonishing bridge towers, visitors get the ultimate experience of admiring Prague’s architectural masterpieces and the chance to observe Prague’s finest artists at work on Charles Bridge.

Exploring beyond the most popular attractions listed in over-exhausted guidebooks to get a real feel of what Czech Republic has to offer is a must. Many scenes in Prague, outside the sea of tourist “hot spots,” display unexpected beauty that many travelers fail to experience. An array of charming eateries and hidden gems line the cobblestoned boulevards and riversides where romantic and harmonious sites bring you into a world of tranquility. Prague is a true vision of artistry and one of the best ways to capture and absorb its allure is by visiting the Zizkov Tower – offering stunning views of the city from above.

As the city begins to quiet down, spend your evening at one of the locals most treasured dining spots, Jazz Dock. Situated on the bank of the Vltara, romance awakens as a wide selection of blues and jazz classics fill the air. Between a gourmet meal that satisfies every palette and Prague’s finest musicians coming together to put on a phenomenal showing that lasts until the wee hours of the morning, Jazz Dock truly captures many hearts.

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