There truly is an app for everything. The savvy traveler will always have a variety of practical apps on their devices, with everything from currency converters to lifestyle and fitness apps. Now that you’ve booked a private jet charter to one of your favorite destinations, take a look at our top 5 apps to improve your travel experience.

1. Dark Sky – Weather App

Dark Sky’s niche is “hyper-local weather” information. Let’s say you’re golfing on the former PGA course near Morgantown, PA. You’re only getting a few sprinkles of rain, but wondering if it’s time to head for the clubhouse or forge ahead. Dark Sky will tell you exactly when the rain will stop, right where you’re standing. It’s magic.

2. CalConvert – Currency Converter

One of the joys of travel, especially with a private jet charter, is shopping in the local market square at your final destination. You’ll inevitably find a unique item, but it’s hard to tell if it’s a real bargain or a heavily overpriced. CalConvert for iOS, iPad and Apple Watch will convert prices from the local currency accurately. As a bonus, the app also does measurement unit conversions. Handy if you need to convert kilometers to miles from a road sign, or Celsius to Fahrenheit at the beach.

3. Fitbit – Fitness App

Though just over a decade old, Fitbit is the grand-daddy of fitness trackers. The devices and app are continually improving, offering accurate information about your activity, rest, sleep and general fitness. This is especially useful for private jet charter travelers. Although traveling by private jet is fast and comfortable, the Fitbit app can remind you to get up and move around a bit, to avoid serious leg muscle cramps. Likewise, if you are prone to jet-lag, the app can measure your sleep and help you adjust to a new time zone.

4. Wine Spectator – Wine Information

Used by both wine connoisseurs and enthusiastic amateurs, Wine Spectator is a must-have for your app list. With over 300,000 reviews, the app gives you the relevant information on each wine. Plus, its vintage list covers the world’s major wine regions and grape varieties. Five minutes worth of research with this app while relaxing on your private jet charter will earn you access to some of the best local wines at your destination.

5. Zagat app – Restaurant Reviews

Of course, word-of-mouth reviews are always a great way to discover local fare. But if you enjoy the thrill of discovering great food on your own, the Zagat app is perfect! The editors carefully choose ratings and reviews, so an amazing meal is only a couple taps away. Zagat content is succinct and yet highly informative. The reviews are trustworthy, allowing app users to make a quick decision for excellent local dining.     If you’re looking for a private jet charter company that can arrange luxury charter flights to anywhere in the world, call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.