Traditional American Values: Charity

Traditional American Values

We are blessed to be citizens of one of the most prosperous and wealthy countries. Sadly, even in America, people struggle to afford the basic necessities of life. As we achieve success in our personal life, we have a unique opportunity and fundamental responsibility to help others, who are less fortunate, achieve their dreams. When one is afforded the opportunity to pursue their greatest dreams, it enables them to live a life of purpose and influence.

Charity has been defined as the benevolent goodwill towards the love of humanity and at Stratos Jets we recognize the positive impact that charity plays in the lives of others. We believe that it is our responsibility to pursue and achieve our greatest dreams and ambitions, so that we might help others achieve theirs. By donating money, offering assistance, and passing on information, we can advance others’ independence and play a vital role in someone’s quest for self-betterment and self-reliance.

By exhibiting traditional American values in our own lives, and offering a helping hand to fellow Americans struggling to maintain independence, we can promote liberty and enable others to live a life of purpose. Personally offering charitable services, rather than awaiting government assistance, inspires determination and hard work and encourages self-reliance and individual prosperity. Adopting a charitable nature not only helps others to become self-reliant, but also helps to create caring communities, create new jobs and expand liberty.

Beyond everyday charitable actions in our personal lives, there are many positive social benefits for giving to organized charities. In recognition of Memorial Day, Stratos Jets supports the Wounded Warrior Project, which aims to aid, honor and encourage injured service members, and provides programs and services to meet their needs. WWP believes in five core principles: Fun, Integrity, Loyalty, Innovation, Service. These beliefs are evident in WWP’s mission to raise awareness for the men and women serving our country.

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