Stratos Jet Charters Can Take You To The 2012 Summer Games in London In Luxury and Convenience

London Olympic

Winter Park, FL May 2, 2012 – The excitement for the 2012 Olympic Summer Games in London, England is starting to build. And though Beijing’s impressive $100 million-plus opening ceremonies for the 2008 Olympics will be hard to top, London is certainly going to try. In December, Prime Minister David Cameron doubled the budget for the opening and closing ceremonies to $130 million (81 million pounds) and new casting calls went out almost immediately.

Danny Boyle (of Slumdog Millionaire fame) is choreographing the event and is promising 12,000 performers, including dancers, drummers, acrobats, skateboarders, nurses, and imitators of historical importance to Britons. The Red Arrows, a synchronized stunt-jet team usually reserved for the royal family, will take part, as will the Queen herself. A special mini-film featuring Daniel Craig as James Bond was shot with unprecedented access to Buckingham Palace to be featured in the Opening Ceremonies, and the A-list of musical performers at the Closing Ceremonies features the Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Elton John and Paul McCartney.

Like the athletic events, venues and ceremonies in Beijing for the 2008 Games, the 2012 Games promise to be historic in every sense of the word. Just imagine the feeling of being there to witness the spectacle of the Opening Ceremony, and seeing the flame of the Olympic torch entering the stadium in person. And then witnessing the finest athletes on Earth competing for the gold in 36 events – including the marque competitions of track and field, basketball, tennis, swimming, diving, BMX and soccer.
Hundreds of thousands with be coming to London for the 2012 Summer Games, but only some will be flying with the highest level of service, convenience and luxury. Stratos Jet Charters will get you to the Games in the safest, best serviced and most appropriate private jet available to you, and at the most competitive pricing as well.

Since the Opening Ceremonies take place on July 27th, you still have the opportunity to book the perfect charter jet ahead of time. Non-stop travel over the Atlantic requires a Heavy Jet, and you can expect to arrive from the East Coast of the U.S. to your destination in about 6 hours or less, depending on aircraft. While on board, passengers should be prepared for the utmost in comfort and luxury, with catered meals, spacious cabins where one can relax or even catch up on some sleep during the flight, and a wide variety of entertainment options, such as WiFi.

Perfect jets for the trans-Atlantic flight are the Gulfstream G-IV and the Falcon 900, though as with any class of private aircraft there are many options available to you with Stratos Jet Charters. Visit and use our extensive database of private aircraft to browse options available to our air charter clients, or give us a call at 888 478-7286 and let one of our expert Private Flight Advisors guide you through the process. In our air charter database, you will find images of private jets, typical seating configurations, aircraft speeds and storage capacity information among with other important data.

Your aircraft will fly into Heathrow, Standsted or Luton, and Stratos Jets can arrange and coordinate luxury ground transportation for you and your party to reach your final destination and to take you back to the airport when your trip is done. For more information on getting to the Olympics via private jet – including getting tickets to the events before your arrival – visit our special page on our Stratos Jet Charters website.

Stratos Jets is a worldwide leader in the jet charter industry and a leading member of ACANA, the Air Charter Association of North America – the premier association and advocate in the air charter marketplace. Our job is to provide the highest levels of service and convenience to our jet charter clients and at the best available price. We look forward to assisting you with your private charter needs, including your once-in-a-lifetime travel to the historic 2012 Summer Games in London.

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