There are as many ways to take to the skies as there are different types of private jets.

But, for most people, even most private fliers, owning an aircraft is out of the question. With that in mind, here are three types of private jet flights you can take without having to be a full or fractional aircraft owner.

1. On-demand Jet Charter

Pay-as-you-go flights are truly the bread and butter of the private aviation industry. And, for most people, it’s the best way to fly privately. You unlock the convenience of private aviation without the risky upfront costs associated with ownership or jet card programs.

Instead, book a flight that fits your schedule with as little as four hours’ notice and soar in comfort and style to your destination on a well-maintained and thoroughly audited aircraft. 

When you charter a private jet with Stratos, we put your needs and safety above all else. Since we don’t own or operate any aircraft as a private broker, we’re not bound to a specific fleet. When you fly with us, you can trust us to recommend an aircraft that fits your flight plans.

2. Shared Private Jet Flights

While not a type of private flight we recommend, you can rent a seat on a private plane. 

As a scheduled flight with other passengers and operating on the carrier’s or broker’s schedule, private jet flights have more in common with commercial airlines than other private jet types of travel.

So, can you share a private jet flight? Yes. But, unless you’re looking for a slightly more exclusive first-class experience, you would be better served by splitting the cost of a private jet charter with close friends.

3. Empty Leg Private Jet Flights

If you crave the private aviation experience and want to save without sacrificing luxury, an empty-leg flight might be the right option for you.

But first, what is an empty-leg flight?

Also known as a deadhead flight, empty legs happen when a private jet needs to fly back to base or otherwise reposition before its next charter. This typically happens when an aircraft is booked one way. However, flying a private jet without passengers is a costly endeavor. To claw back the losses of a plane with no passengers, many operators will offer empty-leg flights with as much as a 75% discount.  The only caveat? deadhead flights are less flexible than standard private charters.

So, what are the benefits of empty-leg flights? Just like on-demand charters, booking an empty-leg flight gives you access to the entire aircraft, not just the seat. With an empty-leg flight, enjoy:

  • The convenience of skipping long lines at the airport
  • The comfort of a plane without other passengers
  • Pay-as-you-fly without risky upfront investments
  • Significant cost savings compared to on-demand flights

At Stratos, we maintain a daily tracker showing empty-leg flight availability. Whether you’re searching for the best deal or want to plan ahead, our private flight advisors are here to help. Give us a call at (888)593-9066 to get started.