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Jet charters are useful for those people whose time is invaluable, privacy and security are important, and for those interested in the highest levels of comfort and convenience. Jet charter companies facilitate corporate charter services for corporations, V.I.Ps, business executives and government officials, to name a few. The main aim of an executive jet charter is to save the time associated with business travel, and to increase productivity.

At Stratos Jets, we have seen many ups and downs in the air charter industry and business aviation in general. We also know that a strong private jet industry is extremely beneficial to our nation’s economy.

In fact, an article in this month’s Forbes magazine showcases just how large this financial impact really is. The private aviation services industry employs 1.2 million people in the U.S. and contributes $150 billion to the economy. In addition the article identified some of the largest trends which have emerged in the charter industry in recent years. They include:

– Greater demand for larger model jets

– More emphasis on private jet security

– Development of new eco-friendly jet models

– Customized in-flight entertainment options

– Low-end options are becoming more available

At Stratos Jets we have seen the importance of each of these trends and more in the world of private jet charter during our many years in this business. And the future is sure to bring more challenges and opportunities. We are committed to being here “for the long haul”, as a business partner that our clients can depend on, whatever their wants and needs.

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