There are a lot of ways to pay for private jet plane travel, but buying a private jet seems like the most straightforward, and the easiest to answer. 

Buying a new private jet is going to be the most expensive option, but even there there is a lot of variability. A private jet could be anything from a six-seater turboprop to a massive jumbo jet. So the cost of a private jet can range anywhere–bought new–from a few million dollars to many hundreds of millions of dollars. 

(The most expensive private jet in the world is owned by a Saudi Prince Al Waleed, an Airbus A380 which initially cost 300 Euros but is currently estimated at between $500 and $600 million with refurbishments.)

But if we’re looking at something more reasonable, but still large, you could be looking in the $50-60 million range. However, that’s just the cost from the dealer. After that come most of the finishings, the polished wood and metal, the furniture, the sleeping quarters. A private jet can get very expensive indeed. 

And this is to say nothing of maintenance, flight crew, and hangar space. You’ll need to pay for fuel, for aircraft mechanics, and whether or not your flight crew is going to be full time dedicated to you and your aircraft. In most cases, this doesn’t happen.

How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Private Jet?

When asking how much it costs to charter a private jet, or how much does it cost to rent a private jet, the costs are significantly lower. 

The prices to charter a private jet will range between $2,000 to $20,000 per hour, depending on the plane. Of course, there are also the amenities that come with that, such as catering or ground transportation, but those are the costs you can expect to pay when you figure out how much a private jet costs per flight.

Flight time is always going to be one of the biggest indicators of flight cost, as the hourly rate will vary depending on the type of jet. 

So when asking how much does a private jet cost to rent, the Flight Advisor at the charter jet company that you speak with is going to have a lot of questions for you about the type of charter flight, the route, the number of passengers, and the amenities. 

Why Charter a Private Flight?

A lot of people think that private jets are all about luxury–and there is that–but the main selling points of flying privately over commercial airlines are that the private jets are first private, and second time-savers.

Charter service jets offer something that you don’t get when you fly private. And it goes beyond the type of aircraft and the maintenance costs and the jet prices. When you fly by private air charter you are getting an experience that you wouldn’t trade for a dozen commercial flights. 

You’re getting comfortable seating, car-to-plane service, no long hours stuck in a terminal. You’re saving time and time is money. 

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