The Private Standard Security Program is designed to keep private jet and airplane charters safe. The program applies to all Part 121, 125 and 135 operators that charter prop airplanes and jets. The program requires that all flights on privately chartered airplanes that weigh more than 45,500 kg, or fly with more than 61 passengers on a flight, must screen all passengers and baggage prior to the charter airplanes departure. Furthermore, the program requires operators to have the required security components for private charter operations.

Why this matters to our clients

Those who fly private on heavy jets or airplane charters that carry more than 61 passengers will have peace of mind knowing that these safety measures are strictly enforced on all private jet charters in the US. You should always ask your jet charter company about the safety precautions its operators use when chartering out its private aircraft.

Our commitment to safer skies

At Stratos Jets, the safety of our clients and flight crew is of the utmost importance. We pride ourselves on being a safety leader among other private jet charter companies. With every scheduled charter, we seek to expand our current margin of safety. Through the use of our knowledgeable and experienced private flight advisors and safety programs, we are able to provide a safe flying experience.