Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire an air charter broker when I can do it myself?

Hiring an air charter broker will save you time, money and stress in four key ways:

  • An air charter broker such as Stratos Jet Charters has developed relationships with air charter operators both in the US and internationally. These relationships allow a broker to secure significant discounts compared to standard market rates.

  • We know the aircraft types and airport services. You could arrange a jet charter flight yourself, but it involves knowing which type of aircraft is best for your needs, where to fuel (and refuel) it, and where the ideal runway is for your arrival and departure. Stratos private flight advisors have that information at their fingertips and can explain the best options.

  • We understand the rules. Charter Operators are required to adhere to certain rules when it comes to aircraft safety, types of cargo, pilot experience, and US Customs requirements.  Our vendors are all pre-approved and vetted through a third-party airline audit. You can book a private jet charter flight with peace of mind.

  • We have flexibility. Air charter brokers work for you, not an airline. If your travel plans need to change, or if an aircraft is unavailable, we can usually find an immediate work-around. If you have booked a flight without a broker, you may not have any options if your circumstances change, and have to forfeit your flight.


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