At Stratos Jet Charters, we strive to deliver the highest standard of value and service for every private plane rental we organise. 

From the first phone call

When you first reach out to an agent at Stratos, your needs are our first concern. Before rushing you into a booking, we want to take the time into understanding exactly what you need for your upcoming trip. From there, we’ll continue to support you through every leg of your journey.  

Private Flight Advisors

Our private flight advisors will assess your specific needs and determine which private plane rental is best suited to your mission. Once you’re satisfied with the aircraft selection, your agent will connect you with our Trip Support team. 

Trip Support Assistance 

This is where the fun begins. Now that your aircraft has been organized, you’ll work with the Trip Support department to arrange:

  • Departure date and time
  • Departure and arrival airport
  • Additional concierge services

The safest way to travel

Our commitment to our passengers’ safety is easily what allows us stand out from the rest. Every time you hire a private plane rental, there is some risk involved. But we mitigate that risk by demonstrating a culture of air charter safety that permeates every level of our organization.  

As an ARGUS Certified Broker, we hold an endorsement from a world leader in aviation safety. While many other air charter brokers struggle to meet the rigid standards set out by ARGUS, we not only meet the requirements, but exceed them as well.