Absolute altitude is the term used to describe the height of a private jet rental above the landscape it’s passing over. Therefore, when altitude is measured, the vertical elevation above a reference point is determined. The reference point in question can vary from the local ground level to mean sea level. Altitude is measured using an altimeter.

Altitude in Aviation

In an effort to avoid confusion, there are several different types of altitude measurements that all private jet rental operators must be familiar with. These varieties include:

  • Indicated altitude – the reading on the altimeter that appears when it’s set to the local barometric pressure at mean sea level.
  • True altitude – the ‘true’ or actual height of the aircraft above mean sea level.
  • Pressure altitude – the height above a typical datum plane, which is also the altitude calculated by the altimeter when it’s set to the standard pressure setting (29.92).
  • Density altitude – the pressure altitude corrected for unusual temperature and atmospheric conditions. This can be affected by temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.

Altitude in the Atmosphere

The atmosphere of the Earth is divided into five different altitude regions. The different regions are most commonly known as:

  • Troposphere
  • Stratosphere
  • Mesosphere
  • Thermosphere
  • Exosphere

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