Air Charter Operator

An air charter operator is an individual or group responsible for the licensing, maintenance, safety and operation of an air charter company.

The air charter operator is not always the owner of the luxury jet, business jet or private jet that is available for charter. For example, a charter operator might lease aircraft to form a fleet, or operate aircraft on behalf of the owner.

While some air charter operators might employ their own sales agents, many rely on jet charter brokers like Stratos Jet Charters to coordinate charter flights on behalf of the end user. This symbiotic relationship gives the operator exposure and access to a wider range of clients from outside of their operating area.

Part 135 Certification for an Air Charter Operator

Most operators run under Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. This requires them to follow certain policies and protocols regarding things like:

  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Recordkeeping
  • Personnel
  • Staff training
  • Safety procedures

Operators responsible for larger group charters are required to follow the more stringent Part 121 certification process. As a result, this allows them to offer scheduled flights for larger numbers of passengers.

Stratos Jets will only work with Part 135 and/or Part 121 air charter operators, as appropriate. Furthermore, Stratos requires every air charter operator they partner with to meet the criteria of its Approved Vendor Program. This due-diligence program adds further checks to ensure operators follow best practices.

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