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Charter Jets for business meetings

A charter broker is a company or team that offers private jet charter services through the chartering of an aircraft. The charter broker is hired by an individual to find a suitable aircraft charter for their needs. The broker acts as a middleman between the client and the aircraft owner/operator.  A good charter broker will provide the customer with meaningful insights about the performance of the aircraft, the operational history of the air carrier and stream line the coordination of a charter flight.

Private Jet Charter Services

The team at Stratos Jets goes above and beyond the duties of an air charter broker. Instead of booking a flight for our clients, we include other valuable services as well. Our agents are well trained and able to identify and recommend the best aircraft for the job. We can also source an aircraft that offers the latest technology offerings to accommodate the kind of trip being booked. Because we don’t own the aircraft we hire on our clients’ behalf, we’re not faced with the burden of maintaining and operating private aircraft. This gives us the opportunity to focus on the needs of our clients. Some of the additional services we can add to any chartered flight include:

  • Gourmet inflight catering menus
  • Access to chauffeured vehicles prior to take-off or after landing
  • Ensuring a rental car is waiting at the destination
  • Reservations and accommodations at hotels, resorts, and restaurants
  • Private security detail

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