Airport Operator Certificate (AOC)

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An air operator certificate (AOC) is the certification given to a personal or business jet charter operator. The AOC allows the aircrafts to be used for commercial operational purposes. It also allows the operator to have a system, assets, and personnel in place to ensure the safety of its crew and passengers while in flight.

AOC Requirements

Before an operator can obtain an AOC, a set of requirements must be met. These requirements vary by country, but typically include:

  • Airworthiness of the aircraft
  • Sufficient crew members with the proper experience minimums
  • Adherence to safety training
  • Financial stability
  • Carriers liability insurance
  • Sufficient ground infrastructure

Information Found on the AOC

Specifically, the AOC will outline a number of categories and specifications that the aircraft obtaining the certificate must adhere to. Some of the general information listed includes:

  • The purpose of the aircraft
  • The area is can be flown in
  • The type of aircraft
  • The registration to be used

AOCs may also contain what activities the aircraft may be used for. Some of the more common activities include:

  • Air charter services, including both personal and business jet charter services
  • Firefighting purposes
  • Air ambulance or aeromedical services
  • Flight training
  • Aerial photography
  • Aerial surveying
  • Regular public transport

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