Airworthiness Directive (AD)

An airworthiness directive is a notice served to charter aircraft owners and operators that there may be a safety-related issue with the model, engine, or avionic system of the aircraft in question. The airworthiness directive, also know as an AD, also states that the outlined issue must be corrected before another flight is scheduled. ADs are typically created as a result of aircraft accident investigations. There are two categories of ADs:

  • Urgent — requiring immediate action a
  • Less urgent — requiring attention within a specific period of time

What does an AD consist of?

Some of the issues listed within the AD may include:

  • An unsafe condition
  • The aircraft may not be operating within the guidelines of its basis of certification
  • Mandatory actions may be required to ensure the safe operation of the charter aircraft
  • These conditions must be resolved or have an action plan in place before the aircraft’s next flight
  • May contain dates and/or flying hours by which the actions must be completed

The civil aviation regulatory authority of the country where the aircraft was manufactured or has been registered in issues Airworthiness Directives. When an AD has been issued and the aircraft is registered in a country where it was not manufactured, the two countries will work together to ensure conflicting ADs are not issued.

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