Block Rates


In private aviation, block rates refer to the purchase of pre-paid hours for a jet charter at a contracted price. While this requires an upfront deposit, the tradeoff is that it provides air travelers with a fixed price for a private jet rental. Additionally, this approach results in a lower private jet charter cost. At Stratos Jets, we’re often asked “how much does it cost to rent a private jet?” With our 25-hour Jet Card Membership program, we can tell you exactly how much you’ll pay. This allows our clients—whether they’re using a private jet rental for business or leisure—to budget their travel schedules well in advance.

Avoid Market Pressure

Another benefit of purchasing airtime using block rates is that your private jet charter rates won’t be influenced by current market conditions. As with other industries, the air charter sector is governed by the rules of supply and demand. When demand increases, so does the private jet price. Another risk of increased demand is the lack of luxury jet charter availability. If there aren’t enough suitable aircraft to go around, someone might not get the private jet rental they requested. With Stratos’ Jet Card program, you’re guaranteed to have a charter plane when you need it.

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