Taxi Time

Taxi time is the total amount of time a charter jet spends moving on the ground. It’s also accounted for in private air travel costs. Taxi time begins the moment the aircraft leaves the hangar right up until it is cleared for take-off. It’s also used to describe the time spent after landing and heading back to either the hangar or the terminal.

The Information Found in Taxi Time

Pilots and aircraft charter agencies can learn a lot of information pertinent to the flight based on the taxi time of a jet. Some of these things include:

  • Total fuel loss
  • Fuel burn
  • Weight
  • Take-off weight
  • Landing weight
  • True airspeed

The amount of time an aircraft spends taxiing on the ground can greatly affect how far one tank of fuel will go.

The Benefits of Private Air Travel

One of the main reasons prefer to fly privately is the reduced taxi and wait time. Typically, private jets leave from and land at small airports instead of the international airports commercial airlines land at. Because of this, there is less air and ground traffic. When a jet charter works out the private air travel costs, there isn’t much cost associated with tax time. The opposite can be said for public air travel.

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