Daily Minimum/Demurrage Charges

Private jet charter aircraft in a hangar

Daily minimum/demurrage charges refer to charges added to the private jet cost of a hired flight. An operator typically levies these fees when a charter broker keeps an aircraft after the completion of a flight. The aircraft may be held in a hangar or parked off the tarmac while awaiting the party’s departure.

Let’s say you hire a private jet for a vacation. The jet is scheduled to depart at the beginning of the week. Instead of returning home after dropping off you and your guests, it parks in an empty hangar until your scheduled departure. Because the aircraft is being unused while you’re on vacation, the operator will charge the charter broker a fee for every day it sits unused.

The Private Jet Cost

On-demand charter flights can vary based on three different considerations:

  • Availability of preferred aircraft
  • Type of aircraft being used
  • The location of the aircraft relative to the intended departure location and post flight positioning requirements

Many charters offer free, no obligation quotes to help clients determine if a private jet charter is something they can consider. However, some charters will provide a standard pricing chart for some of the more common routes. This helps clients and potential clients can get a feel for typical air charter rates.

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