Dual Certificate

jet charter pilots in cockpit

A dual certificate enables an air charter operator to offer scheduled flights, as well as provide non-scheduled air charter service, otherwise known as on-demand jet charters. This is significant, as an operator that offers both travel options can serve multiple markets.

In order to offer a scheduled flight for more than nine passengers, a charter operator must comply with Part 121 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. For on-demand charter flights for smaller groups of private travelers (i.e. fewer than nine), it requires the less restrictive Part 135 certification.

Part 121 Air Charter Operator Requirements

Due to the additional security and safety protocols involved in a Part 121 charter flight, operators are required to invest more resources and manpower to successfully meet these more stringent criteria. It makes sense from a financial standpoint for an operator to utilize the appropriate certificate.

For instance, if a small, private group of travelers want to charter a jet from New York to Miami for a holiday, it doesn’t make sense to operate under Part 121 when Part 135 is sufficient.

Conversely, if an entire college football team were flying from New York to Miami on a group charter flight, then Part 121 standards would become necessary. In either situation, an air charter operators that holds a dual certificate could conduct the flight operations.

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