FAA Part 121

Airbus A318

Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 121 Certification allows a company to act as a scheduled airline. As a result, the air carrier may publish a schedule and is able to collect compensation for providing group jet charter charter flights.

Compared to Part 135 certification, Part 121 is required for carriers who are transporting larger numbers of passengers (i.e. a group jet charter). This level of certification is required for turbojet-powered aircraft having:

  • 10 or more passenger seats
  • Payload greater than 7,500 pounds

Additionally, Part 121 includes additional regulations for supplemental operations where charter flights are carrying more than 30 passengers.

Stricter Safety Regulations

Given the increased passenger carrying capacity afforded by Part 121, carriers with this designation are required to follow more strict air charter safety protocols. This includes:

Hiring key personnel, such as:

  • Director of Safety
  • Dir. of Operations
  • Dir. of Maintenance
  • Chief Pilot
  • Chief Inspector

Stratos Jet Charters has plenty of experience in arranging group jet charter flights for clients. One of the first things our charter agents will look for is whether the air carrier holds valid Part 121 certification. Fortunately, after more than a decade in the charter broker industry, we have forged strong relationships with a solid network of operators whom we can trust to provide the height of air charter safety.

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