Fleet Manager

NBAA Convention

A fleet manager is responsible for the management of aviation machinery, such as jets, planes, and a helicopter charter. A fleet manager can either be a person or an entire company.

A Fleet Manager’s Responsibilities

The role of a fleet manager or fleet management entity can include:

  • Organizing aircraft repairs
  • Scheduling routine aircraft maintenance
  • Overseeing the financial aspects of aircraft
  • Tracking and diagnosing aircraft functions
  • Managing aircraft crew members
  • Booking a private jet or helicopter charter
  • Managing fuel consumptions and costs
  • Implementing health and safety programs
  • Facilitating partnerships between aircraft operators and clients/passengers
  • Adhering to the regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration

Fleet managers take on all of the day-to-day operations of aircrafts. This ensures the fleet is operating to its full potential and helps maximize efficiency and productivity. Fleet managers may come from an out-sourced company or work directly for the owners of the fleet.

A Preferable Charter Company

At Stratos Jets, we don’t own any of the aircraft that we book for our clients. Because we don’t have to worry about the duties associated with fleet managers, we’re free to focus on our clients’ charter needs. It also allows us the freedom to obtain competitive bids from aircraft operators, which gives our clients more options and more value per flight.

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