General Aviation District Office

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A general aviation district office (GADO) is similar to a flight standards district office (FDSO). An air charter operator relies on these offices for a variety of reasons. As a branch of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), this type of field office serves a designated geographical area. The office is staffed with Flight Standards personnel responsible for servicing both the general public and the aviation industry, including an air charter operator.

The Duties & Responsibilities of a GADO

Any general aviation district office is responsible for the same things that a flight standards district office is. Some of these doubled-up duties include:

  • Pilot and crew certification (including repairmen, mechanics, dispatchers, and parachute riggers)
  • Surveillance of operational safety
  • Investigating any aviation misconduct
  • Aircraft permits
  • Aircraft operational issues
  • Repairs and maintenance pertaining to aircraft
  • Receiving reports of low-flying aircraft
  • Managing aircraft accident reports
  • Dealing with certification and modification issues and complaints
  • Enforcing aircraft and airmen regulations

However, flight standards district offices spend more time focussing on enforcing the federal aviation regulations in the United States. It’s their main responsibility. This means that a lot of the remaining duties are passed onto general aviation district offices when time is tight and more pressing matters are presented to the FDSOs.

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