Indirect Air Carrier

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An indirect air carrier is one that provides air charter service and/or air transport service, but is not in operational control of that service. This is different than a direct air carrier, which both offers and operates the service.

As an air charter broker, Stratos Jet Charters does not fall under either category (direct or indirect air carrier). Instead, we are considered a non-operating charter broker. In other words, we don’t own or operate any of the aircraft used in the air charter operations that we arrange for clients.

The difference between an indirect air carrier and a charter broker boils down to this: indirect air carriers buy flights from direct carriers and resell them to customers. They will also sell individual seats on these flights. On the other hand, a charter broker works on behalf of charter consumers as an agent. They are contracted to buy specific routings to meet the client’s air travel needs. As such, brokers serve an important role as a marketer and liaison between charter operators and the end user.

While these definitions might seem like minor details, they’re actually quite significant. The Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) frown upon charter companies that mislead clients into believing they hold status as either a direct or indirect air carrier. Not only is this practice deceptive, it’s unfair. The FAA has fined air charter brokers who misrepresent themselves in this way.

Benefits of Being an Air Charter Broker

One of the benefits of being a charter broker is that we’re not responsible for aircraft:

  • Maintenance
  • Acquisitions
  • Operations

Nor are we obligated to work with any particular direct air carrier. Instead, as an air charter broker, we’re free to source charter flights for our clients using a vast network of aircraft options. Over the years, we’ve established a trusted pool of quality charter vendors. We can count on them to provide safe, comfortable air charter services for our clients.

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