Local Area Augmentation System (LAAS)

Corporate jet runway requirements

The Local Area Augmentation System (LAAS) is a landing system for aircraft. You can find these systems at either a public or private airport. It’s an all-weather system based on real-time differential correction of the GPS signal. Aircrafts equipped with these systems can easily utilize complex or curved approaches to avoid obstacles or to help reduce noise levels at the areas surrounding the approaching airport.

How it Works

Local receivers are placed at various spots within the public or private airport. These receivers then send figures to a principal location at the airport. The information sent to the central location is then used to create a correction message. This message is then forwarded to a receiver located on the aircraft.

Using this information, the aircraft is able to correct GPS signals. This aids in the ability to begin a precision approach to the airport.

Today’s Local Area Augmentation System

Although the system itself still exists are airports, the Federal Aviation Administration has stopped using the LAAS moniker. Instead, the preferred term is Ground Based Augmentation System (GBAS).

Currently, the Federal Aviation Administration has indefinitely suspended plans for the federal acquisition of Ground Based Augmentation Systems. However, these systems can still be purchased by airports and utilized as a non-Federal NAVAID (navigation aid).

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