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A sport jet charter is the hiring of an aircraft for the purpose of transporting members of sports teams to their respective events. These aircraft are typically group charter flights that can accommodate entire teams. However, a sport jet charter can be made for individual athletes such as golfers and tennis players.

Professional sports are a highly competitive industry. Athletes will take any advantage they can to ensure they’re successful. If that means booking a private jet rental to ensure their travel plans are executed in a hassle-free manner, then so be it.

Advantages of Sport Jet Charter

There are many advantages of using a sport jet charter:

  • Fly on your schedule
  • Travel in privacy
  • Access to a broad range of airports for added discretion

Additionally, companies like Stratos Jets have plenty of experience in booking group charter flights for teams of athlete. Our agents are able to coordinate large groups of travelers, saving managers time and frustration. Also, we can arrange specific in-flight catering options to meet the dietary requirements of today’s modern athlete.

Furthermore, for smaller groups, Stratos will arrange private air charters on smaller aircraft. And for teams who face hectic road schedules, we can plan multiple private flights between cities well in advance so that you can travel with peace of mind.

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