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Create Your Own Treasured Experiences in the Gem of the Mountains with a Private Charter Flight in Idaho

Though Idaho is widely known for topping the nation in potato production, the state’s offerings reach well beyond its foremost in-ground crops. From vast veins of precious metals and rare gems to leisurely outdoor recreational opportunities, you’ll find this particular portion of the lower 48 truly is the “Gem of the Mountains.”No matter what your purpose for traveling to, from, or within its borders, a private jet in Idaho is the way to go.

Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. is your leading authority when it comes to charter flights in Idaho, and you won’t find a broker more dedicated to your safety and satisfaction. Contact us via the form we’ve provided or call us at (888) 593-9066 and let us show you what propels us to the forefront of the private jet charter industry.

We’re Here to Cater to You

We employ a team of trip support specialists, each of whom holds a wealth of training in our field. When you contact us, you’ll be connected with someone who can offer you extensive connections as well as in-depth local knowledge. Your Stratos experience begins with choosing just the right private jet in Idaho to accommodate your needs. You’ll have a network of more than 5,000 privately owned and operated jets at your disposal, including such options as:

  • Charter Airliners
  • Heavy Jets
  • Light Jets
  • Mid-Sized Jets
  • Super Mid-Sized Jets
  • Turbo Prop Planes

Each model or type of plane offers its own array of benefits ranging from passenger capacities and speed to modifiable interior layouts and landing capabilities. Your trip support specialist will ask you a few questions about your trip, covering elements like:

  • Number of people in your party
  • Desired pickup and landing points
  • Travel dates
  • Specific in-flight needs

We take each of these aspects into consideration before determining which jet is best suited to your trip. Then, we cross-reference the available options with those registered through ARGUS International, the leader in private aviation safety and business best practices. Only those approved by this foremost organization are worthy of our clients and, to gain certification, these aircraft must be backed by up-to-date maintenance records and have no history of incidents.

We Go the Extra Mile to Ensure Your Safety

Placing you on the safest aircraft available for private jet charters in Idaho is only the beginning. We scour ARGUS’ database for the most highly qualified pilots offering their services in our industry as well. To be eligible for our consideration, a pilot must hold ARGUS Gold certification, which means he or she:

  • Has logged at least 3,000 hours of flight experience
  • Holds a spotless record of excellent service
  • Has no negative FAA actions against him or her
  • Is able to show proof of ongoing training and annual re-certification

Whether or not an aircraft is certified for single-person operation, we place two of the industry’s best pilots at the controls for your flight. You’re in the best possible hands when Stratos brokers your flight. Contact us or browse our website to learn more about the safety measures we put into play to ensure you’re completely covered when you come to us.

Far More than a Plane and Pilots

An endless array of details goes into travel planning, and we’re well aware of just how important those specifications are to a successful trip. We specialize in placing you with the right aircraft and pilots and making sure they’re ready to fly when you are, but we also go well beyond the basic essentials. When you contact us for your charter flight in Idaho, your trip support specialist is here to cover all the extras, like:

  • In-flight meals and refreshments
  • Providing for special medical needs
  • Specific on-board accommodations, such as private office space or sleeping quarters
  • Lodging during your stay
  • Local event recommendations and bookings
  • Meal and show reservations
  • Ground transportation to and from the airport as well as throughout your stay
  • Business meeting venues

These are only a few of the finer points we can handle. With extensive experience, broad local knowledge, and far-reaching connections, your trip support specialist is well-equipped to help make any arrangements you need. Don’t hesitate to give us your requests.

Our Affiliations

We’ve already mentioned how heavily we rely on ARGUS’ approval when it comes to jets and pilots, but we hold ourselves to the same highest possible standards. We’re among a select few brokers to have obtained ARGUS certification as well. This means we’ve proven our thorough knowledge of safety and private aviation as a whole. It’s also a testament to our adherence to best business practices and dedication to your satisfaction. Aside from this highest achievement, we’re also:

  • Wyvern-Approved
  • ARGUS Certified Broker
  • Air Charter Safety Foundation Members
  • Members of the Air Charter Association of North America
  • Highly Ranked by Dun & Bradstreet
  • Members of the National Business Aviation Association
  • Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau

In addition to all those accreditations, we’ve earned a strong 4.78 rating out of 5 from our current and past clients. We thrive on your safety and satisfaction, and we’re committed to ongoing efforts to ensure your experience with us is unsurpassed. Let us show you the Stratos difference.

Where in Idaho Will You Go?

As charter flight brokers, we have access to a long list of private airports in Idaho, so we can land or pick you up within minutes of your destination or departure point. We can take you anywhere in the state, but some of our most often-requested locations include:

  • Boise. From museums, natural parks, and world-class dining to renowned educational and employment opportunities, the state’s capital invites those with virtually all preferences and agendas.
  • Nampa. Offering golf and outdoor adventures as well as local breweries and restaurants, Nampa offers a wide range of possibilities laced with small-town charm.
  • Sun Valley. Whether you’re looking for skiing, snowboarding and ice skating, or sun-filled days of golf and music, Idaho’s Sun Valley resort city and neighboring Ketchum give you year-round fun and fulfillment.

Idaho is a prime example of nature’s bounty mixed with a welcoming entrepreneurial atmosphere. Feel free to browse our airport directory for further details. Then, contact us online or at (888) 593-9066 to obtain a free quote to for your upcoming travel plans.

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