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Peru may be known to most thanks to the infamous Machu Picchu, but the country offers attractions that will satisfy any traveller. There’s a new adventure to be found each day in a place where you can lose yourself in ancient heritage that is celebrated in boisterous carnivals. There are also plenty of activities in Peru guaranteed to get your heart pumping through rafting, paragliding or zip-lining.

Visitors don’t need to limit themselves to one style of trip when they visit Peru. They can enjoy fresh ceviche in Paracas, one of the many fishing villages; trek the Andes by climbing Cordillera Blanca, or float in the Amazon basin at Parque Nacional Manu.

Peru boasts over 1,500 miles of coastline, with each beach different from the last. Surfers will delight in the never-ending waves available in Lobitos, while families will enjoy the slower pace of Los Órganos’s calmer waters. Day trips to the beach are easily made from Lima, where Puerto Viejo and El Silencio are accessible in under two hours.

The Inca Trail awaits as visitors make their way to Peru’s most-visited site: Machu Picchu. The fifteenth century ruins sit at almost 8,000 feet above sea level and are considered the most spectacular creation of the Inca Empire. Lose yourself in Peru’s past as you walk the path of history while taking in unforgettable rainforest views.

Peru is home to over 230 airports. With dozens available when choosing a jet charter airport in Peru, visitors will be able to easily access their ultimate Peruvian getaway. Five international airports are available to travellers, with the smaller airports accessible by a range of lighter aircrafts.  

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