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Find Great Faces and Great Places with a Private Charter Flight in South Dakota

With one of the most magnificent landscapes the United States has to offer, South Dakota is a breathtaking example of nature’s power. From endless agriculture-based opportunities to a history rich in artistic inspiration, a number of aspects draw visitors to the Mount Rushmore State. Many visitors choose not to leave once they’ve experienced it all firsthand. If you’re planning to make your way to, from, or across this slice of the Midwest, why not see it all from above with a private jet charter in South Dakota?

Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. is your go-to broker for charter flights in South Dakota, and we strive to not only meet, but exceed, your expectations no matter what your needs may be. Call us at (888) 593-9066 or fill out the form we’ve provided for a free quote, and let us put our expertise to work for you.

Your Grand Adventure Awaits You

Pristine lakes, rambling fields, graceful mountains, and jutting rock formations can all be found within the boundaries of the Swinged Cat State. Whether you have your sights set on angling for Walleye or carving out your niche in the local honey or sunflower markets, Stratos can go anywhere in the state. Some of our most popular destinations and pick up points include:

  • Sioux Falls. As both a bustling business hub and a tourist’s dream come true, Sioux Falls is making headlines across the country. You’ll find everything from coffee and cocktails to cross-country skiing and camping if you’re looking for ways to fill your time in this city.
  • Rapid City. Have a friendly face-to-face meeting with South Dakota’s state fossil, the triceratops, at a local museum or explore nearby caves on your own when making your way to Rapid City. It’s also home to Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial, Custer State Park, and Badlands National Park to name a few.
  • Aberdeen. One of the country’s most talked-about rising economic centers, Aberdeen hosts a wealth of national corporations as well as small businesses. Both visitors and transplants can enjoy golf, nature, culture, art, and a number of other opportunities.
  • Brookings. Art, science, and history await at the Children’s Museum of South Dakota, while Dakota Nature Park and Larson Nature Center call to a broad range of tastes. These are only a few of the options you’ll find in Brookings.


What Type of Aircraft Do You Need?

Once you contact us, you’ll have one of our trip support specialists at your disposal along with his or her thorough knowledge of the industry and broad range of connections. We’ll start by asking a few questions about your travel plans. Some of the details we’ll need to know upfront are your desired departure date, time and location; how many people will be accompanying you; and at which private airport in South Dakota you want to land.

From there, your trip support specialist will search through a network of more than 5,000 aircraft to find one best suited to your plans. We consider elements like passenger capacity, speed, distance, interior layout, and availability before determining the right private jet in South Dakota. Then, we’ll secure it for your trip so it’ll be ready and waiting.

We Follow the Industry’s Most Stringent Standards

While making sure an aircraft is able to fulfill your expectations is important, it’s not the only aspect we take into account. We choose only those approved by ARGUS International for our clients. To reach this status, an aircraft must be in excellent condition, be accompanied by current maintenance records, and have no history of major damage. At the same time, owners of those aircraft are required to carry a minimum of $4.25 million in liability coverage per passenger. We insist on making sure your safety is guaranteed before placing you in any private jet in South Dakota.

Only the Most Highly Qualified Pilots are Eligible

Stratos arranges for two pilots to be at the controls for each flight we broker. We select from a list of ARGUS Gold-certified candidates having logged at least 3,000 hours of flight time and proven their exemplary skills. You’re in the safest possible hands when we broker your charter flight in South Dakota.

We’re Leaders in Our Field

In addition to holding aircraft owners and operators to strict standards, we continually reach for the next tier in our own daily operations. We keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest developments in private aviation and maintain in-depth knowledge of our industry. Our team is also dedicated to adhering to safety regulations and even helping raise the bar for brokers like us.

We’ve opened our doors to the most highly respected organizations in our field, allowing them to test our understanding of safety regulations and commitment to best business practices. They place us under scrutiny to ensure we operate ethically, efficiently, and effectively. We’ve exceeded their expectations, earning the approval of ARGUS International and Wyvern alike. We maintain memberships with:

  • The Air Charter Safety Foundation
  • The Air Charter Association of North America
  • The National Business Aviation Association

You won’t find a broker more qualified to meet your travel needs or more eager to ensure your complete satisfaction. When you come to us for your private jet charter in South Dakota, your needs are our top priority.

We’re More than Just a Broker

Your dedicated trip support specialist can schedule flights on a wide range of aircraft from turboprop planes to airliners and everything in between. Still, planes and pilots are only part of a much bigger picture. We understand the secret to any successful trip is truly in the details. Some of the extra aspects we can help with include:

  • Airport transportation
  • In-flight refreshments
  • Specific onboard requirements like soundproof office space or sleeping quarters
  • Transportation and accommodations for your stay in South Dakota
  • Reservations
  • Business meeting facilities and coordination
  • Taking care of special medical needs

If you think of any requirements or additional support you may want or need beyond your charter flight in South Dakota, feel free to ask. Our connections and all-encompassing industry knowledge give us access to a wide range of possibilities. We take pride in passing these along to our clients.

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