What is a fixed base operator?

In the private aviation industry, a fixed based operator (also known as an FBO) is a service center for jets and airplanes. The FBO may be a private enterprise or may be a subsidiary of the airport or municipality it serves. Typically in private aviation, FBO’s offer private jet charters to the public. The FBO will generally own anywhere from one to several aircraft. These aircraft may include a variety of aircraft from helicopters to heavy jets. Owners of the aircraft may use FBO’s to charter their private jets and airplanes in order to offset some of their costs associated with the airplane. FBO’s are generally limited to servicing flights that originate or end in the area surrounding their location due to the high costs associated with repositioning aircraft. There are approximately 5200 FBO’s in the United States. Some of these FBO’s are members of chains and some are owned independently. When using an FBO is important to verify that the operator is part 135 certified and holds a safety rating from ARG/US or Wyvern. Choosing a respected jet charter company for a private flight on a jet or airplane can be very valuable in finding a trusted operator that meets all safety and performance standards. Jet charter brokers deal with private jet and airplane operators regularly and are more likely to have industry knowledge in regards to choosing a safe aircraft for your private jet travel needs.

Private Jet Charter FAQ