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Can Private Jets Travel Long Distances?

When it comes to mid-size jets, the range varies between models. While one jet can fly nonstop to international destinations, another may not be able to fly across country on a single tank of fuel. Under the right conditions, the Gulfstream G150 could be considered the longest range private jet in the mid-size jet category.

What else is a private midsize jet capable of?

When considering which private midsize jet offers the longest range, there are a few things to be considered. Things like the number of passengers aboard, the weight of the cargo, and the weather conditions all play a part in calculating which light jet offers the longest range.

To better help you determine which aircraft is best suited to your mission, the table below summarizes a couple of these characteristics.

Aircraft Seating
seats full (nm.)
4 passengers (nm.)
Volume (cu. ft.)
Volume (cu. ft.)
Short Field
Takeoff Performance
Dates in
Astra 6 2,614 3,119 453 157 cu ft 5,250 ft 1990-1995
Citation Excel 8 1,449 1,839 422 90 cu ft 3,593 ft 1998-2004
Citation III 7 1,770 2,000 422 62 cu ft 5,030 ft 1983-1991
Citation VI 7 1,770 2,000 422 61 cu ft 4,850 ft 1991-1995
Citation VII 7 1,693 1,824 422 51 cu ft 4,950 ft 1992-2000
Citation XLS 8 1,539 1,989 422 90 cu ft 3,560 ft 2004-2008
Embraer Legacy 450 7 2,498 2,963 705 150 cu ft 3,825 ft 2015-2019
Falcon 20 8 1,346 1,442 842 41 cu ft 3,800 ft 1963-1988
Gulfstream G100 7 2,550 2,910 304 64 cu ft 5,395 ft 2002-2006
Gulfstream G150 7 2,760 3,130 521 80 cu ft 5,015 ft 2006-2016
Hawker 800 8 2,390 2,570 551 75 cu ft 2,651 ft 1984-1995
Hawker 800A 8 2,682 2,323 736 40 cu ft 5,600 ft 1984-1995
Hawker 800XP 8 2,470 2,620 551 48 cu ft 5,032 ft 1995-2004
Hawker 850XP 8 2,525 2,710 551 50 cu ft 5,032 ft 2006-2009
Hawker 900XP 8 2,733 2,929 551 50 cu ft 5,030 ft 2008-2012
Lear 55 7 1,870 2,040 403 60 cu ft 5,600 ft 1981-1990
Lear 60 7 2,186 2,418 447 55 cu ft 5,450 ft 1993-2003
Pilatus PC24 8 1,525 2,342 503 2,810 ft 2017-present
Sabreliner 60 6 1,000 1,160 341 43 cu ft 5,900 ft 1967-1978

What is a midsize jet charter by definition?

Midsize jets are a step above smaller jets and turboprops. These jets offer a versatile combination of performance and comfort and are typically configured to seat between six and eight passengers. Aircraft in this category also offer increased cabin space, seating options and layouts, storage capacity and legroom.

Each midsize jet offers a fully enclosed lavatory and offers a small galley that’s ideal for preparing light meals and refreshments inflight. Along with enough room to stand and move around, it’s easy to see why travellers skip over the nimble and economic performance of a light jet for the additional space and comforts of a larger jet charter.

In addition to increased headroom and better amenities, midsize jet charters provide a smoother flight than smaller aircraft due to their higher cruising altitudes. Reaching above 40,000 feet, passengers soar above any inclement weather they may encounter during their travels.

What is the longest range jet?

In the mid-size category, the longest range private jet is the Gulfstream G150. This impressive aircraft boasts a range of 2,760 nautical miles with all 7 seats full and 3,130 nautical miles with four passengers.

How far can a private jet fly without refueling?

In the mid-size aircraft category, an aircraft can fly as far as their range without refueling. For example, the Citation Excel can holds a range of 3,119 nautical miles with four passengers, so it can safely fly that distance without refueling.

What private jets have a range of 5,000 miles?

Aircraft that reach a range of 5,000 miles or more are typically found in the heavy jet and ultra-long range jet categories. For example, the Gulfstream G650ER, a heavy jet, boasts an impressive range of 7,685 nautical miles, making it one of the longest range private jets in the industry.

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