Midsize Jet – Speed Comparison

Which is the fastest mid-size private jet in the world?

On average, most mid-size jets travel between 470 and 530 miles per hour, but there is one that soars a little quicker than the rest. The Falcon 20 is the midsize jet that boasts the highest speed in this category.

What else is a private midsize jet capable of?

If you’ve pre-selected a midsize jet to charter based on its speed, you may want to reconsider. While it’s important that a jet matches a travelers preference, it’s also important to consider everything else the jet is capable of providing.

Things like baggage capacity, take-off and landing performance, years of service, and range are all important factors when selecting the appropriate aircraft for the mission. To better inform our clients of each midsize jet’s capabilities and performance, we’ve created the table below.

Aircraft Seating
seats full (nm.)
Max Cruise
Speed (mph.)
Normal Cruise
Speed (mph.)
Volume (cu. ft.)
Volume (cu. ft.)
Short Field
Takeoff Performance
Dates in
Astra 6 2,614 503 mph 465 mph 453 157 cu ft 5,250 ft 1990-1995
Citation Excel 8 1,449 498 mph 419 mph 422 90 cu ft 3,593 ft 1998-2004
Citation III 7 1,770 479 mph 468 mph 422 62 cu ft 5,030 ft 1983-1991
Citation VI 7 1,770 479 mph 469 mph 422 61 cu ft 4,850 ft 1991-1995
Citation VII 7 1,693 507 mph 468 mph 422 51 cu ft 4,950 ft 1992-2000
Citation XLS 8 1,539 486 mph 419 mph 422 90 cu ft 3,560 ft 2004-2008
Embraer Legacy 450 7 2,498 514 mph 489 mph 705 150 cu ft 3,825 ft 2015-2019
Falcon 20 9 1,346 552 mph 552 mph 842 41 cu ft 3,800 ft 1963-1988
Gulfstream G100 7 2,550 515 mph 482 mph 304 64 cu ft 5,395 ft 2002-2006
Gulfstream G150 7 2,760 515 mph 482 mph 521 80 cu ft 5,015 ft 2006-2016
Hawker 700 7 2,199 471 mph 438 mph 736 50 cu ft 6,500 ft/m 1977-1984
Hawker 750 8 514 mph 79 cu ft 4,701 ft 2008-2012
Hawker 800 8 2,390 481 mph 436 mph 551 75 cu ft 2,651 ft 1984-1995
Hawker 800A 8 2,682 508 mph 436 mph 736 40 cu ft 5,600 ft 1984-1995
Hawker 800XP 8 2,470 482 mph 451 mph 551 48 cu ft 5,032 ft 1995-2004
Hawker 850XP 8 2,525 482 mph 451 mph 551 50 cu ft 5,032 ft 2006-2009
Hawker 900XP 8 2,733 482 mph 451 mph 551 50 cu ft 5,030 ft 2008-2012
Lear 55 7 1,870 502 mph 471 mph 403 60 cu ft 5,600 ft 1981-1990
Lear 60 7 2,186 489 mph 475 mph 447 55 cu ft 5,450 ft 1993-2003
Pilatus PC24 8 1,525 506 mph 470 mph 503 2,810 ft 2017-present
Westwind 6 2,278 476 mph 449 mph 368 63 cu ft 3,997 ft 1979-1987

What is a midsize jet charter by definition?

Midsize jets are ideal for travelers looking for the convenience and agility of a light jet and the comforts only heavy jets can provide. All midsize jets feature an enclosed lavatory, ample head and legroom, plenty of storage space, and most contain small galleys capable of providing refreshments and light meals. They’re also best suited to groups of less than eight passengers.

In comparison to smaller models, a midsize jet is a huge upgrade in terms of range. The average midsize jet is capable of flying 2,800 miles or five hours non-stop. This means these aircraft are great for travel within the continental US. For some of the top performers, however, a transcontinental trip isn’t unheard of.

Midsize jets are great for passengers traveling for business and pleasure. Most cabins feature comfortable seating configurations, complete with swivel or berthable chairs. This gives passengers the freedom to relax or sleep while in flight. Many cabins also feature high-end communication and entertainment systems.

Soar Higher with Stratos Jet Charters, Inc.

At Stratos, we believe clients should be well educated about the private aviation industry. Besides arming them with the information they need to make informed buying decisions, it also creates a client relationship that’s built on a foundation of trust and transparency.

We also believe that every flight booked through Stratos should pass through a rigorous safety process. To achieve this, we strictly adhere to ARGUS regulations as a Certified Charter Broker. We also created our own in-house due diligence program. The safety standards we’ve set for ourselves are some of the highest in the industry.

It’s also important to use that our clients don’t have to worry about the details of the trip. To ensure each flight is successfully executed to the satisfaction of the client, we created the Trip Support team to supplement the services of our air charter agents. Trip Support is there to confirm and enforce the itinerary and help with any additional services travelers require.

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