Perceptions about private jet travel have come a long way in the last few years, but there are still so many mistruths we thought we’d take the time to deflate the most common myths about private jets and the business aviation industry.

1. Myth: It’s not as safe

This is, by far, the popular of the myths about private jets. Here’s a great quote from the National Business Aviation Association, in response to the question: Aren’t these small planes unsafe? “The fact is, airplanes used for business have a safety record that’s comparable to that for the airlines. The companies that hire business aviation pilots have minimums for training and flight-time experience. Additionally, the recurrent training facilities for business aviation pilots uphold the same rigorous standards as those for training airline pilots.” Choosing a jet charter broker that’s obsessed with safety helps too. Stratos has its own approved vendor program to identify and endorse Part 135 air carriers that meet our standards—the strictest in the industry, instead of relying only on third-party safety audits. And we’re one of few jet charter brokers recognized or authorized by industry-leading organizations, including ACANA, Wyvern and ARGUS. Check out our post Why Not to Book on Price Alone to learn more about how jet charter brokers maximize your safety. What do the numbers say about the safety of private jet travel? Read our post How Safe Was Flying on Executive Jets in 2015?

2. Myth: It’s priced at extortionate rates

Private Jets for Groups When the average Joe first hears about an $18,000 flight from Chicago to Palm Beach on a Gulfstream GIV, for example, they might think that’s a lot of money. Too much money. But, let’s take a closer look. That jet can carry 14 people. $18,000/14 people = $1,285/person. What’s the cost of a ticket on a commercial airline for the same one-way flight? Business class (not first class), non-stop? $1,114 and up. Let’s also remember that when you’re flying on private jets, you can often drive run up to the runway, shaving up to hours from parking, going through security, and waiting to board a commercial flight. Many executives’ time is worth a few hundred dollars an hour, and by chartering a jet, you’re shaving about two hours before and two hours after the flight x 14 people. $300 x 14 = $4,200. When those executives have more time to do more productive, they’re better able to help their companies succeed so they can employ dozens if not hundreds of Americans, and allow the company to give back to charities. Doug Gollan also offers some rare and positive insight on the subject in his Forbes article 4 Reasons Not to Hate on Private Jet Users.

3. Myth: It’s just as much hassle

Like so many industries, the private jet travel industry has figured out how to make booking private jets simple and fast beyond traditional phone calls with features and services such as:

  • Online ‘request a quote’ buttons, which trip advisors respond to within minutes.
  • Trip support teams, which handle all of your post-booking arrangements, such as ground transportation, gourmet catering, etc., and give you updates in real time.
  • Online database of empty leg flights where travellers enjoy steep discounts.

Whichever method you choose to book private jet travel, you could be in the air in as little as four hours (and did we mention no security line-ups?) To learn more, read our post How Can You Book a Private Jet Right Now? And check out What’s the Best Time to Book Private Jet Travel?

4. Myth: Private Jet Travel is Bad for the Environment

Gollan, in that same Forbes article, says, “the carbon footprint argument is a red herring.” “Some estimates put the carbon footprint of a private jet at 10 times that of a passenger on a commercial jet, but when one considers the average traveling party on a private jet is between four and five people, the difference is much less. At the same time, studies show commercial aviation is responsible for only two percent of carbon emissions, so the incremental pollution of business aviation is negligible,” writes Gollan. Plus, like other modes of transportation, business airplanes are getting more efficient all the time. Have you heard about Lilium Jet, the two-person electric personal flight vehicle set for release in 2018?

5. Myth: It’s all rich kids and celebrities

Private Jet Travel for Executives It’s true, private jets do transport A-listers trying to hit as many charity events or tour concerts as they can most efficiently, but you might be surprised to learn that a significant number of people traveling on business jets are executives who need to get to destinations off the beaten path, or on same-day trips to regional offices, sometimes transporting goods that can’t be taken on commercial flights. Are you looking for a jet charter broker with access to the safest jets and an obsession with maximizing your safety? Discover the advantages of booking charter jets through Stratos. Call 1-888-593-9066.