Management expert Peter Drucker once wrote, “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” Many executives understand one of the biggest challenges is deciding which things to do and when to do them. Although business-class commercial jet travel has made huge improvements to attract clients, it still cannot match the efficiency of a corporate jet charter.

Here are six ways a Stratos jet charter can boost your business productivity.

1. Work at the FBO

Most corporate jet charter flights depart and arrive through Fixed Base Operator (FBO) terminals. Unlike busy public air terminals, these are private terminals, designed to service your jet and provide maximum comfort for executive travelers.

Some FBOs provide:

  • Conference rooms
  • Private work areas
  • Upscale cocktail lounges
  • Mini-suites with showers for a quick refresh
  • Snooze rooms so you can rest between flights

2. Use Wi-Fi on the jet

Access your data from the cloud while you are in the clouds! Most corporate jet charter aircraft in the Stratos network are equipped with K-Band Wi-Fi. So bring your device, and resume work where you left off. Prepare presentations, hold video conferences, send emails and keep your business moving while you’re airborne. Depending on the carrier and the route, Wi-Fi may be complimentary or available for a surcharge.

3. Use the aircraft as a retreat

Just like your office, an aircraft cabin can be a comfortable, quiet, place where you have time to evaluate and make decisions. When you charter an aircraft, you choose the environment. Turn the cabin into a hub of activity or a tranquil place to review a project in detail. The choice is yours.

4. Hold meetings in the air

Double your efficiency by holding meetings en route to a meeting. Face-to-face and virtual meetings are both possible on your corporate jet charter. These meetings allow you to have private conversations with other members of your travel entourage or colleagues on the other side of the screen. Afterall, a virtual meeting is perfect when communicating with team members in other time zones, who would not be available after your flight lands.

5. Travel faster

That old adage is true; time is money.  Although we have some extremely fast jets in our network, smart executives know that private jet travel saves time on the ground as well.

  • Your group can depart from a smaller regional airport rather than fight traffic around a major hub airport
  • Corporate jet charter terminals also feature shorter line-ups and quicker security checks
  • And you don’t have to worry about transferring to another aircraft part-way through your travels since fewer line-ups and interruptions mean more productivity

6. Plan your charter around your business

Don’t arrive sleep-deprived for a meeting. If you have to do a presentation in Stockholm on Thursday morning, talk to our expert booking agents to arrange a departure time that works for you. Or if a business opportunity requires booking a quick trip, we can arrange an on-demand flight with a phone call. And finally, leverage our concierge Trip Support services to save time. We can arrange hotel bookings, ground transportation, inflight meals, and anything else you need. We’ll take care of the details so you can focus on business.

If you are interested in the latest discussions on efficiency and business productivity, Stratos Jet Charter’s founder & CEO Joel Thomas wrote a detailed blog article on executive daily time allocations that might appeal to you.


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