7 Things You Must Know Before You Book Your Next Charter Flight – Part 4

Book Next Charter Flight - Stratos JetsAs leaders in the private jet charter industry, Stratos Jet Charters believes that an educated consumer is our best client. That’s because in most objective ways that you can measure, we come out on top of our competition. In this series, we are examining the Top 7 Questions That You Should Ask before you book your next charter flight.

#5 How do I choose the best aircraft for my trip?

When you come to Stratos Jet Charters for charter flight arrangements, you will gain access to our full database of private jets, turbo-props, and helicopters. You will also be introduced to our team of air charter coordinators, who will serve as your educational resource, guiding you through the aircraft selection process. With extensive knowledge of the jet charter industry, our coordinators can explain air charter safety, assist with market research, and determine the best aircraft for your trip.  Proper aircraft selection, is one of the greatest ways to expand the margin of safety for every charter flight.

Our air charter database includes images of commonly-chartered private jets, typical seating configurations, and aircraft speed and storage capacity information. The jet charter experts at Stratos Jet Charters are prepared 24/7 to elaborate on any jet in our database, and assist you with arranging your charter flight on the perfect aircraft.

#6 Am I getting the best possible pricing for my charter flight?

In addition to helping you choose the best aircraft for your charter flight, our team of jet charter experts will also make sure that you understand pricing, receive competitive bids, and ultimately, make the most informed buying decision for your trip. These efforts allow Stratos Jet Charters to reliably achieve the best possible pricing for any flight.

We are able to offer competitive pricing due to the strong relationships we maintain with a large number of vendors and aircraft operators. Stratos Jets does not own or operate the aircraft that we charter for your flight; our multiple vendors do. This allows us to obtain competitive bids from many different operators, and pass the savings onto you. These strategic business relationships not only provide discounts, but also give our air charter coordinators the opportunity to evaluate and analyze current trends in the charter jet industry. By understanding charter jet trends, an experienced private flight advisor can obtain air charter at deep discounts under current market value.

#7 Can my jet charter broker handle all of the other details, big and small, of my flight like concierge services, day or night access to their flight department, having my plane ready on short notice, and others?

Stratos Jet Charters has come to pride itself on creating a seamless, highly-personalized charter experience for each of our clients. Once our jet charter experts have helped you select the ideal aircraft for your trip, and our trip support department is available to arrange every detail of your luxury flight. As a client of Stratos Jet Charters, you will have access to our full portfolio of air charter services. Private jet travel allows you to:

  • Depart from the airport of your choice at a time suitable to your schedule
  • Land at the most convenient location to your destination
  • Avoid security lines and crowded terminals inherent to commercial airports
  • Enjoy world class catering and a menu of your selection

In order to provide the most comfortable travel experience, we offer full concierge services that enhance the quality and efficiency of your charter flight. Our most popular luxury services include in-flight catering, prearranged ground transportation, and on-board Wi-Fi. We hope that you’ll give us a chance to show you the Stratos Jets difference on your next charter flight. We work incredibly hard to ensure a travel experience that you would happily rave about to your family, business colleagues and friends. This is because referral business and repeat service to our valuable clients is absolutely essential to our success! Call one of our experienced air charter representatives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (888) 593-9066 or use our private jet quote online tool to find charter pricing for your upcoming itinerary.

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