When our clients book a private jet charter, we look at all their travel needs: speed, convenience, distance, group size and more. And sometimes, the fastest jet isn’t necessarily the best jet for their trip. In our network, there are small very fast jets that can’t carry more than five passengers. And there are large fast jet airliners that require a lot of fuel and longer runways. But in between those two limitations, we will find a sweet spot; a super-fast jet that exactly meets your requirements.

Here is a snapshot of the five fastest private jets available through Stratos Jet Charters.

Bombardier Global Express 5000

1) Bombardier Global Express

The Bombardier Global Express is fast, ultra-long range heavy private jet. This Canadian-built wonder is the perfect way to fly 14 passengers to an international destination.  Los Angeles to Tokyo non-stop is stress-free, with a maximum cruise speed of 560 mph. Designed for long-range passenger ease, the Global Express features an aft stateroom with a shower, bed and full lavatory.

Falcon 7X Air Charter Flight

2) Dassault Falcon 7X

French aircraft designer Dassault got its start building military fighter jets. It’s no surprise that their civilian aircraft are among the fastest available. The Falcon 7X features a rare three-engine configuration, giving the heavy jet a maximum speed of 594 mph. Boasting an impressive 6800-mile range, the Falcon 7X is capable of flying up to 15 passengers from Seattle to Shanghai in outstanding comfort. The aircraft also has one of the quietest cabins in its class – perfect for inflight meetings or relaxing with inflight entertainment.

Exterior Citation X

3) Cessna Citation X

The only super-midsize jet on our list, the Cessna Citation X is as robust as the larger aircraft available for private jet charter. It’s capable of 605 mph, meaning it can shave up to 30 minutes off a flight in a similar-sized aircraft. The Citation X is perfect for domestic corporate jet charters. When you need to get 8 people from Miami to Las Vegas for a convention, the Citation X is a great, speedy choice.

Charter a Gulfstream G650ER

4) Gulfstream G650

This heavy jet is the complete package: A comfortable 12-passenger aircraft perfect for a corporate private jet charter. The Gulfstream G-650 easily attains a cruise speed of 704 mph, and its 8000-mile range has made it a perennial favorite with international travelers. A number of celebrities use the restful, reliable G-650 for Los Angeles to London flights.

5) Bombardier Global 7500

Canadian firm Bombardier had two goals in mind when designing the Global 7500: extraordinary comfort and exceptional range. This 19-passenger heavy jet can travel 8,800 miles at a top speed of 710 mph. It lives up to its name a truly global aircraft, with four distinct interior spaces for productivity and luxurious comfort. It’s an upscale hotel suite that can cross oceans.


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